Hunting with the Unique Alpine JPR-1 bolt-action rifle

Unique Alpine's JPR-1 rifle has a traditional look for hunters who love the classic. We received it in .308 Winchester caliber so that we could test its features in the field. That's how our test began on the range during the sighting-in process. With the peace of mind that targets can give – quite different from the responsibility towards wild animals on the hunting grounds – we tried shots even at long distances, where results were immediately exciting. Starting from the first rounds at 100 meters, with a few shots and very few compensating clicks with the ballistic turrets of the GECO 3.5 18x56 standard scope we were using, the rifle provided the same results of absolute accuracy even at 200 and 300 meters. At this point, confident in the gun we were using, relying on the same GECO Plus ammo with a 170 grain bullet, we decided to try the bolt action JPR-1 during the evening wild boar selective shooting.

Video: testing the Unique Alpine's JPR-1 bolt-action rifle 

Unique Alpine JPR-1: technical features and calibers available

The JPR-1 features a traditional design for those who love wood with an oil-finished European walnut stock and ebony inserts on the pistol grip cap and forend.

With decades of experience in the manufacturing of precision weapons, with the model JPR-1 Unique Alpine offers hunters a bolt-action rifle with an action machined from solid billets, three-lug bolt and bolt-throw of just 60°, for an always fast and smooth cycling. 

The JPR-1 model is available in .243 Winchester, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5x47 Lapua and .308 Winchester calibers – the latter being the subject of our test. On the whole compact, the rifle proved to be suitable for both stalking and mountain hunting, or for walked-up hunting, also thanks to its balanced weight that varies between 3 and 3.5 kg according to the barrel length. The Match type hunting barrel has a M15x1 threaded muzzle for the possible mounting of sound suppressors where allowed by law, or a muzzle brake as in our case. 

Available barrel lengths are 16.5" (419 mm) 20" (508 mm) 24" (609 mm) 26" (660 mm). Fitted with a 4-round AICS magazine, the JPR-1 rifle is distinguished by a very high level of safety, preventing unintentional discharges thanks to three different safety positions: "Fire", "Safe" and "Safe + Locked". 

The safety acts directly on the firing pin, so that unintentional discharges as a consequence of the breakage of the firing pin are impossible. Moving on to the aesthetic finish, stock and forend are made of oil-finished select walnut wood with special ebony inserts that enhance elegance and where the Unique Alpine logo can be seen. The rubber recoil pad contributes to the ergonomics of the gun when firing, as does the finely made checkering that provides an effective grip that allow for a firm purchase and safe swinging.

Hunting test with the Unique Alpine JPR-1 bolt-action rifle in .308

At a distance of 104 meters, with the JPR-1 rifle we killed a medium-sized boar that fell immediately on the spot, hit at the vital area of the heart.Ammo: GECO Plus.

After sighting in the rifle at the range, it took us three evening outings, waiting and searching for wild boar, before we had the right opportunity to fire the Unique Alpine JPR-1. 

A small group of wild boars that we had been following for days came in perfect visibility conditions in the late afternoon of a day when we had decided to approach the point of exit of the wild boars from the woods on the ground, after waiting in vain for their arrival from a high seat. Aided by the brightness of the GECO variable magnification scope for twilight shooting, we hit a medium-sized wild boar at a distance of 104 meters instantaneously killing the animal. The perfectly preserved remains of the boar showed us the point of entry of the bullet exactly at the shoulder – that is, the vital area was perfectly reached with the right power and absolute accuracy. Shooting from a tripod we appreciated the stability of the rifle, also guaranteed by the muzzle brake that optimizes performance and comfort on the hunter's shoulder when firing. Fundamental to accuracy is the JPR-1 rifle's match trigger – smooth, two-stage and adjustable from 0.9 to 2.5 kg. Shooting on the range had shown us the possibility to accurately engage targets far more distant than the wild boar killed during our outing, but our goal was not to look for exasperated situations but to go hunting being able to tell and enjoy the reliability that the Unique Alpine JPR-1 rifle has been able to provide. The price of the JPR-1 – to be considered undoubtedly good considering the quality of the rifle – is below the 1500 euro mark.

Equipped with 3-position safety, the Unique Alpine JPR-1 is a safe as well as accurate rifle, fast in cycling thanks to the 60° throw of its three-lug bolt. The GECO 3.5 18x56 scope is bright and easy to use, and is available on the market at a price of about 1200 euros, VAT included. 

Unique Alpine JPR-1 bolt-action rifle technical specificatios and price

4-round, AICS type
Match type with M15x1 muzzle thread
.243 Winchester, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5x47 Lapua, .308 WInchester
Two-stage, adjustable from 0.9 kg to 2.5 kg
Barrel Lengths: 
16.5"/419 mm, 20"/508 mm, 24"/609 mm, 26"/660 mm
Optics Interface: 
Drilled and tapped
Overall Length: 
35.8”-45.2” (91 cm-115 cm)
6.6 lb-7.7 lb (3 kg-3.5 kg) depending on barrel length
Around 1,500 euro

For further information please visit the Unique Alpine website.

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