Uberti 1866 Sporting & Hunting Light Rifles

Uberti has always produced faithful replicas of classic Western guns, but its rich range was missing a hunting rifle chambered for the popular .45-70 calibre. The 1866 gives hunters the chance to experience the thrill of hunting the lands of the Great North.

The 1866 lever action rifle is available in two versions, the Sporting Rifle and the more compact “Hunting Light Rifle”, the weight of which is similar to that of a semiautomatic hunting rifle. Both models have a grade A walnut tortoiseshell finish stock. 

Uberti 1886 Sporting Rifle version
Uberti Sporting Rifle: the lever-action with octagonal barrel and brass action is ideal for the Western shooting and can be used for a variety of other disciplines.

Technical details of the Uberti 1886 Lever Action Rifle

The Sporting Rifle version has an octagonal 26 inch barrel with adjustable sights and a tubular magazine giving you 8 + 1 shots. The Hunting Light model on the other hand has a 22 inch barrel with a smaller magazine for 3 + 1 shots. Over one hundred years ago, the .45-70 rifle was used in America to hunt white-tailed deer and bears.

The Uberti 1866 rifles are designed to fire ammunition generating chamber pressures up to 29,000 CUP), so you’ll get a clean kill with any game at ranges of up to 200 metres. For this very reason, both models can be fitted with a Lyman type dioptre sight. 

The 1866 Sporting Rifle sells in the USA for $1,959, while the 1866 Hunting Light costs $1,899.

For further information about the 1886 models, please visit the Uberti website.

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