Savage Arms Model 110 rifles and AccuFit system

Savage introduces the AccuFit, a system that uses interchangeable components to allow hunters to custom-fit both comb height and length of pull of their 110 Model rifle with no other tools than a simple Phillips-head screwdriver. Beth Shimanski, Savage Arms Senior Marketing Manager, claims that AccuFit is “a game-changer that will allow hunters to confidently make the toughest shots in all conditions.”

Features of the Savage AccuFit system

The system consists of four stock inserts and five comb risers that can be combined to perfectly tailor rifle fit to the shooter’s body size and shooting preference. All this just removing two screws from the buttstock. The proper fit achieved with AccuFit in fact allows to shoulder the gun and align the eye with the optic in a more consistent manner. 

Adapting the the AccuFit with a screwdriver
Mounting the AccuFit inserts and risers requires no other tools than a simple Phillips-head screwdriver.

It can be adapted to all sizes and statures, allowing for complete customization of the length-of-pull (the distance from the buttstock to the trigger ) and comb height (the high point on the stock where your cheek rests when you align your eye with the scope ) for a proper cheek weld in every shooting scenario. 

Comb height is adjustable in 1/8- inch (3 mm) increments. Length of pull is likewise fully adaptable using up to the four ¼-inch (6,3 mm) inserts.

Savage Arms AccuFit equipping nine 110 Model rifles

For 2018 Savage revamped eight Big Game and Specialty models of the 110 platform with the AccuFit System, in some case changing the old names and adding a new model (prices in euro are all approx. and tax excl.): 

Savage Arms Model 110 rifles and AccuFit system
The AccuFit System from Savage Arms showcased in SHOT Show 2018.
  • the 11/111 FCNS becomes the 110 Hunter (one of the most versatile models, available in many chamberings, from .204 Ruger to 7 mm – 08 Rem.) – suggested price: 749 USD / 611 euro.
  • the 16/116 Weather Warrior becomes the 110 Storm (featuring a stainless steel barrel) – suggested price: 849 USD / 693 euro.
  • the 10/110 Predator becomes the 110 Predator (equipped with a Realtree Max-1 synthetic camo stock) – suggested price: 899 USD / 734.
  • the 10 FCP-SR becomes the 110 Tactical (featuring a threaded heavy barrel with end cap and 20 MOA EGW rail and also available in a left-hand version) – suggested price: 784 USD / 640 euro.
  • the 11/111 Long Range Hunter becomes the 110 Long Range Hunter (with a 26-in / 660 mm barrel) – suggested price: 1099 USD / 897 euro.
  • the 12 FCV becomes the 110 Varmint (chambered in .204 Ruger, .22-250 Rem or .223 Rem) – suggested price: 749 USD / 611 euro.
  • the 11 Scout becomes the 110 Scout (with a short 16.5-in / 419 mm barrel) – suggested price: 819 USD / 668 euro.
  • the 16/116 Bear Hunter becomes the 110 Bear Hunter – suggested price: 999 USD / 816 euro.
Savage Model 110 Hunter
The Model 110 Hunter bolt action rifle from Savage Arms.
Savage Model 110 Storm
The Model 110 Storm with stainless steel barrel by Savage Arms.
Savage Model 110 Predator
The Model 110 Predator has a Realtree Max-1 Camo Stock.
Savage Model 110 Tactical
The Model 110 Tactical from Savage Arms.
Savage Model 110 Long Range Hunter
The Model 110 Long Range Hunter bolt action rifle has a 26 inch barrel.
Savage Model 110 Varmint
The Model 110 Varmint Hunter from Savage Arms.
Savage Model 110 Scout
The Model 110 Scout has a Flat Dark Earth Stock and a short barrel.
Savage Model 110 Bear Hunter
The Model 110 Bear Hunter by Savage Arms with stainless steel barrel and Mossy Oak Break-Up Country Camo Stock.
Savage Model 110 Hog Hunter
The short Model 110 Hog Hunter bolt action rifle is the cheapest variant of the Savage Arms rifle range.
Savage Model 110 Brush Hunter
The Model 110 Brush Hunter is designed specifically for big game hunting and comes in large caliber options.

The all-new addition is the 110 Wolverine, chambered in 450 Bushmaster only and equipped with a 18-in / 457 mm barrel complete with muzzlebrake. Its price is 899 USD / 734 euro.

Savage Model 110 Wolverine
The new 110 Wolverine, chambered in 450 Bushmaster. Note the muzzlebrake.

Savage Arms Model 110 Wolverine: technical data

Model:110 Wolverine
Caliber:.450 Bushmaster
Ammo Capacity:4 rounds
Barrel Lengt::18-in / 457 mm
Overall Length:37.5-38.5-in / 952-977 mm
Weight:7.9 lbs / 3583 g
Price (suggested):
899 USD / 734 euro.

Other features of the new Model 110 bolt action rifles from Savage

The Model 110 rifles are also equipped with the AccuTrigger, that  allows shooters to safely adjust pull weight and eliminate creep without a gunsmith’s intervention. 

Another improvement is the AccuStock that is also standard issue for all of the Model 110 Specialty and Big Game Series rifles. It consists of a rigid chassis embedded in the stock that engages the action three-dimensionally along its entire length for a better and consistent accuracy. Other interesting features are the floating bolt head with zero-tolerance headspacing and handstraightened, the button-rifled barrels and the soft grip fore-end and pistol grip surfaces.

As a final note, it must be stressed that Savage has already announced that it will not sell AccuFit stocks aftermarket during the early stages of the product launch and will not advertise if the new stocks retrofit existing models.

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