Sabatti Tactical Hunter bolt action rifle

At the HIT Show, Sabatti presented their Tactical Hunter bolt action rifle. With its modern, aggressive design, it offers hunters a 4.4 kg gun in a comfortable, ergonomic design, making it easy to carry on any hunt.

The materials chosen were extensively researched in order to guarantee optimal stability in a rifle designed for taking precise, long-range shots. 

Main features of the Tactical Hunter bolt action rifle

The multi-radial barrel of the Sabatti Tactical Hunter bolt action rifle
The Sabatti Tactical Hunter rifle has multi-radial barrels and comes with an aluminum flash suppressor.

The stock is made of glass fiber-reinforced nylon technopolymer to absorb most vibrations, while increasing rigidity and therefore also the precision of the gun. 

The cheek piece is adjustable in terms of height and windage and the thick rubber butt plate helps absorb recoil even when using Magnum ammo. 

A more sensitive trigger is available on request, and the shooter can choose between a Stecher set trigger (to be set before taking the shot) or a 3-lever Match trigger. 

The cold-hammer-forged barrel has a 16 mm-muzzle crown to reduce the weight of the gun, which is subsequently covered in carbon to a diameter of 28 mm, increasing rigidity and ballistic performance. 

MRR: Sabatti multi-radial barrels 

The geometry with which the barrels of the Tactical Hunter rifle are designed derives from the Sabatti MRR project, which uses multi-radial rifling to optimize ballistic performance with the added advantage of less maintenance. 

This rifling profile results in a faster bullet than conventional rifling, meaning a better pattern, fewer fliers, less copper or other deposits along the barrel, less frequent and easier cleaning, and therefore a longer-lasting barrel. 

In multi-radial barrels, two alternating radiuses change the geometry of the bullet slightly but without scoring it, preventing excessive stress on the bullet and increasing its speed by approximately 12% without having to increase pressure. The Sabatti Tactical Hunter rifle is available in .308 Winchester and .300 Winchester Magnum calibers. It comes with a threaded aluminum flash suppressor and an ABS case.

Sabatti Tactical Hunter
With an overall weight of 4.4 kg, the Sabatti Tactical Hunter rifle is well-suited to any kind of hunt.

For more information, please visit the Sabatti website.

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