Sabatti STR – From the shooting range to the hunting field

The STR completes the range of Sabatti tactical rifles, but, unlike the previous ones, it's designed as a multipurpose "field" gun, to be used for both at the range and on the hunting ground.

Sabatti STR: features and details

Sabatti STR during long distance shooting sessions
The STR during a long distance shooting session: an accurate rifle with an appealing design.

The action is a classic Sabatti type, to which an Accuracy International 5-round magazine is added. The latter can be released by pushing a lever outside the trigger guard.

The barrel is 66 cm long and has a diameter of 22 mm, which makes the STR a heavy rifle but at the same time suitable for prolonged shooting sessions. 

The muzzle is threaded and provided with both a muzzle brake and a thread cover. The bolt, that also shows the typical Sabatti design, features a tactical handle knob.

The trigger system can be, at the buyer's choice, a match type with three levers or the new two-stage one.

Ammunition load with a 185 grains Berger ball
For target shooting we used an ammunition load with a 185 grains Berger ball propelled by Vihtavuori N150 powder.

The tactical stock is made from an aluminum alloy and is fully adjustable in both height and length, and can also be folded to reduce size during transport.

The rifle can also be ordered with no stock if desired, since it is fits all M4-type stocks. It is equipped with a 20 MOA Picatinny steel rail, in addition to the other rails on the barrel that can mount any accessory at will.

Finally, between the barrel cover and the stock, a little further in front of the magazine, there is a rod for a better grip and easier transport.

Sabatti STR: the field test

Sabatti STR Rosata three shots at 100 meters
Three shots at 100 meters with Hornady Precision Hunter 178 grains cartridges.

We at all4hunters tried the STR in .308 Win., first at the range at distances between 100 and 600 meters, then for deer hunting.

The rifle proved to be very accurate at all distances, both with 178 and 185 grains bullets, irrespective of whether they were hunting or shooting cartridges. Unfortunately, the rifle weight compromises the possibility of using it in some hunting actions, limiting it to those hunts where it is not necessary to walk a lot.

We tell you about our day in a dedicated video.

A special thanks goes to Manfred of the Jagdpunkt gun shop in Merano, a man capable of perfecting a perfect weapon.

Sabatti STR: technical data

Sabatti STR

.260 Rem., 6.5x47 Lapua, 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Win

Rifle twist: 

1/8 - 1 / 11.5 multiradial

Barrel length:

26 in / 660 mm

Barrel diameter: 
.86 in / 22 mm
Overall length: 44.88 in / 1140 mm
13.44 lb / 6100 g

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