Sabatti SKL-20 rifle: a surprisingly accurate and safe Kipplauf for mountain hunting

The new Sabatti SKL-20 is a single-shot break-action rifle specifically designed for mountain hunting that, while maintaining the classic stylistic features of Kipplauf rifles, takes advantage of the most modern materials and technologies to further improve the lightness and accuracy features of this type of guns. The rifle's overall weight does not exceed 2.6 kg. Together with the compact size of the Kipplauf (41”/104 cm overall length), this is essential for those hunters who spend entire days walking among the peaks in search of game. The action is CNC-machined from a billet of Ergal 55 aluminum alloy and with a black hard-anodized finish. The lightness does not compromise the rifle robustness and accuracy thanks to technical choices and studies that provide reliable engineering in the crucial moment of the firing.

New Sabatti technologies: locking system, elongated barrel bloc and barrel-stock coupling on the SKL-20 kipplauf

the SKL-20 Kipplauf
The coupling between the barrel and the handguard is fundamental for the accuracy of break-action rifles. The contact surfaces between the receiver and the barrel  block are worked with extreme care in the SKL-20 Kipplauf.

Particular attention has been paid to the locking system and to the coupling of barrel and handguard, fundamental points in a break-action firearm. We know how strong are the pressures and the movements of the bullet at the moment of firing, which tends to "drag" and twist the barrel.

The breech of the Sabatti SKL-20, characterized by the classic Jaeger tilted block found on most Kipplaufs, takes a different approach with regard to the locking system. Instead of using a bolt to lock on a notch in the underside of the block, it features two conical plungers that seat directly into the barrel block, limiting the oscillations of the barrel during barrel time – for better accuracy.

The contact surfaces between the receiver and the barrel block are machined with extreme precision and perfectly coupled, both on the barrel and breech faces, guaranteed by the use of calibrated spacers checked one by one by specialists.

The hammer of the Sabatti SKL-20 rifle
The hammer is not automatically cocked when the barrel is opened, but is manually cocked via a slider button on the grip. This allows the rifle to be transported safely with a chambered round.

The barrel block is longer than usual, in order to guarantee greater rigidity to the entire action and greater accuracy. The larger barrel block also allows the handguard to lock on the block itself, without touching the barrel at any point, which is fully free-floating, thus eliminating one of the main causes of inaccuracy in break-action rifles. This makes the Sabatti SKL-20 rifle as accurate as a good bolt-action rifle. The barrel is cold-hammer forged and features the Sabatti MRR multi-radial rifling. The barrel length is 24”/61 cm long and has a M14x1 muzzle thread protected by a cap. The thread – that allows the mounting of any compensators – disappears thanks to the cap made of the same material and with the same finish as the barrel, looking like a single piece of blued steel.

The front sight is fixed, while the rear sight is adjustable. On the top of the barrel block is a 11-mm milled dovetail insert for the mounting of optics.

Video: new Sabatti SKL-20 Kipplauf

Sabatti SKL-20 Kipplauf: trigger and safety

The barrel block of Sabatti SKL-20
The barrel block of Sabatti SKL-20 is longer than usual, in order to guarantee greater rigidity to the entire action and greater accuracy. 

The trigger assembly has been carefully designed to ensure a crisp shot release, with no overtravel. It also has the new Sabatti balanced trigger, that guarantees maximum safety even in case the rifle is dropped with the hammer cocked.

The hammer is not automatically cocked when the action is opened, but is manually cocked: a slider button on the grip allows the shooter to cock or decock the hammer manually, quickly and easily, allowing the safe transport of the rifle in complete safety with a chambered round. The Montecarlo stock with rubber recoil pad and the handguard are select walnut and oil polished, contributing to enhance the sober but elegant look of the Sabatti SKL-20. The new Sabatti Kipplauf is available in all the main rifle calibers used in ungulates hunting. The following data sheet shows all the respective rifle twists.

Sabatti SKL-20 specs

Sabatti S.p.A
Single-shot break-action (Kipplauf)
Calibers and rifle twists: 
6.5x57R (8.5"), 6.5x65R (8.5"), 7x57R (8.5"), 7x65R (8.5"), .270 Winchester (10"), .30-06 Springfield (10"), 8x57JRS (9.5"), 9.3x74R (14")
Tilted, with Jaeger block
Single stage, pull weight 1-1.15 kg 
Manual hammer cocking
Magazine Capacity: 
Single shot 
24”/61 cm long, with MRR rifling
Overall Length: 
41"/104.4 cm
Weight (Unloaded): 
5.73 lb/2.6 kg
Ergal 55 action, steel barrel, wooden stock
Blued metal, oil-polished wood 

For more information on the new SKL-20 Kipplauf please visit the Sabatti website.

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