The new Sabatti SAPHIRE hunting rifle

The italian manufacturer Sabatti has already presented the new SAPHIRE hunting rifle at SHOT Show 2017. Now at IWA OutdoorClassics 2017 for the audience in Europe.

The action of SAPHIRE rifle is CNC machined from one block of Ergal 55, it is equipped with an integral solid Picatinny rail for easy scope mounting who enhances also the rigidity of the action.

The bolt is a 3 piece unit of head, body and handle, which allows more accurate manufacturing use of different kinds of steel and heat treatments. The barrel is in AISI 4140 steel (42CrMo4) hardened and tempered. The rifling, done by cold forge hammering, it is actually the new Multi Radial Rifling® for better accuracy, longer barrel life, easy cleaning and higher bullets speed. 

Sabatti Saphire: available calibers

The bolt-action rifle is available in all major calibers for hunting: .243 Win., .270 Win., 7 mm Rem. Mag., .308 Win., 7x57, .300 Win. Mag., 7 mm Rem. HEM. , 7x64, 7mm-08 Rem., 6.5x55SE, .30-06 Springfield and 8x57JS.

The Sabatti SAPHIRE bolt-action rifle

Sabatti Saphire repeating rifle for hunting
Sabatti introduced the new hunting rifle Saphire at SHOT Show 2017. At the picture you see the rifle with synthetic materials.

The barrel extension, made of NiCrMo steel, is hardened and tempered following a special process that improves a lot surface hardness but also the strengthens at the core. Along with the bolt head, this is the most important part of the gun and safety depends on it. It features also an interchangeable barrel that is not intended as quick detachable because few tools are needed for the purpose. 

Two different trigger mechanisms can be chose from: standard (1.2 kg pull), set Trigger (1.5 kg /250 g pull). They are interchangeable and can be replaced by a gunsmith. 

The safety is a traditional 2 position side lever that locks trigger and sear. A 3 position safety will soon be available. 

The stock can be in synthetic version or, on request, with a Thumbhole or a high quality wood. The assembling screws do not engage the aluminum receiver but two steel inserts fitted on it. 

Here you have the video we made at SHOT Show 2017 of the Sabatti Saphire rifle:

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