Sabatti Saphire: technical test on the new rifle

The Saphire is a bolt-action rifle whose action is machined out of a solid block of Ergal. It has two built-in Picatinny rails for quickly fitting mounts and faster calibration. 

The bolt that slides in the action has three front lugs, the bolt handle is replaceable, and it has a floating head - which can also be replaced if you want to change calibre - and a ground body which makes it slide with extreme smoothness. The primary ejection system is in the same bolt body.

The barrel, an element of crucial importance, is cold forge hammered and has the exclusive Sabatti multi-radial rifling system. The MRR (Multi-Radial Rifling) system guarantees not only better shot pattern groupings, but also a higher muzzle velocity and longer barrel life. It also means fewer copper deposits and less cleaning.

Available barrels and calibres

The Sabatti SAPHIRE rifle fitted with a scope
The Sabatti multi-radial barrel offers guaranteed high muzzle velocity and accuracy. On the Saphire rifle you can change the barrel if you want to use a different calibre.

Furthermore, the barrel can be replaced with any of the calibres offered, from .243 Win. to .300 Win. Mag., and the classic 6.5x55, 7x57, 7x64, 8x57, .270 Win., .308 Win., .30-06, 7 Rem. Mag., etc.

Trigger options are standard or set (stecher), which reduces the trigger pull to about 0.250 kg, while for now the safety remains a two-position bolt-locking system.

Here a video of the results obtained using the Sabatti SAPHIRE rifle hunting roe deer in the mountains: 

Testing the Sabatti Saphire rifle

All4hunters tested the 6.5x55 Saphire rifle with extremely satisfying results both on the indoor firing range at 100 metres, and in the mountains firing at paper targets at ranges that varied from 150 to 350 metres.

We used various types and brands of ammunition, with 120, 130 and 140-grain bullets. 

The precise and elegant performance of the gun remained the same in a variety of different situations and conditions. 

It’s never been so easy for hunters to “hit the bullseye” with such a perfect gun, especially if you add an equally high-performance scope like the Leica Magnus 2.4-16x56 with an illuminated ballistic reticle.

For more information, please visit the Sabatti website.

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