Remington Model 700 AWR bolt action rifle

Remington 700 AWR for hunting at the SHOT Show 2017
The American Wilderness Rifle (AWR) from Remington: 700 Model for hunting.

The line of the Remington 700 is an icon in every way. The superior performance of these rifles is presented in diverse lineups. And now, at 2017, there will be another 700 model, called AWR. This stands for (American Wilderness Rifle) features a black Cerakote finish that protects its free-floated 5R barrel and legendary stainless steel action, forming a virtually indestructible barrier against corrosion and abuse. 

All solidly anchored within a high-performance Grayboe stock, it delivers the ultimate in strength, precision and all-weather durability.

Remington 700 American Wilderness bolt action rifle

The other features of this rifle are 24” free-floated barrel with 5R rifling enabling longer periods between cleanings, the high performance Grayboe stock consists of a high degree of fiberglass content. It is made under high pressure and heat to produce a very stable stock and the X-Mark Pro externally adjustable trigger.

It is available in six different calibers: .270 Win, 7 mm Remington Mag, .30-06 Springfield, .300 WinMag, .300 Remington Ultra Mag and .338 Remington Ultra Mag. The price starts at 1150 US-Dollars.

Presentation of the Remington 700 AWR rifle
The new Remington 700 AWR presented at SHOT Show 2017.

For more information, please visit the Remington website.

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