Review: Mauser M12 hunting rifle

The deeply traditional manufacturer Mauser has also recognized the writing on the wall and has now released a bolt-action hunting rifle for the entry-level price segment that is intended to hold its own against US competitors.

Price of the Mauser M12 rifle

The polymer magazine of the Mauser M12 hunting rifle
The polymer magazine glides smoothly into the hand after pressing the release in front of the stock.

The new Mauser M12 is available from €1,495 in the dark grey synthetic casing and for €1,695 with a simple walnut shaft. Class 2 wood costs an extra Benjamin Franklin. The comb is straight and comes with a German cheek rest, a Prince of Wales pistol grip and a not excessively hard butt pad. Overall there are twelve standard calibers available, from .22-250 Remington to .338 Lapua Magnum.

Specifications of the Mauser M12

The bolt on the M12 rifle
The bolt on the M12 locks in the barrel with three lugs in a row. It opens at a 60° angle. Immediately noticeable: the marking points for the safety catch and the cocked firing pin enclosed by a red circle.
The system receiver of the Mauser M12 hunting rifle
The lever on the three-position safety moves silently and is easy to adjust. Its axle is mounted on roller bearings. White dots and a red ‘F’ mark the positions. The curvature on the system receiver is identical to the Mauser 98.

Barrel length: 56 centimeters in the standard calibers and 62 centimeters for Magnum tubes. The manufacturer claims that the Magnum magazine holds four rounds.

The removable polymer magazine in the.300 WinMag test magazine even holds five rounds. The beautifully soft bolt guided each of them into position without a hitch. Alternatively, Mauser’s typically spacious loading gate easily lets you slot the shells into the two-row magazine from above. The bolt head locks with six lugs directly in the barrel after a 60° rotation. The hand doesn’t bash the sights when cycling. A U-shaped rear sight and a highly visible bead-shaped front sight in silver are suitable alternatives to other aiming devices when hunting moving game. The roller bearings on the inside of the new three-position safety ensure silent operation. It is also easy to reach and clearly marked.

The trigger brought a flush of pleasure to the reviewer’s cheeks: bone dry, it breaks crystal clear at a shade over 700 grams – wiping out any thoughts of a double-set trigger. Overall the weapon has an extremely distinguished look, is well-finished and balanced.

The M12 proves that a beautiful, sophisticated and precise hunting rifle can be placed on the market for less than €2,000.

Possible uses for the Mauser M12

The Mauser M12 fulfils every wish you could put in a hunting rifle, but is less suitable for sport, law enforcement or military purposes.

Hunting pictures with the Mauser M12

Hunting with the Mauser M12
Hunting with the Mauser M12 rifle.
Hunter with the Mauser M12 rifle
Hunting with the Mauser M12 rifle.
Hunter with the Mauser M12 rifle
Hunting with the Mauser M12 rifle.
Hunting with the Mauser M12 rifle
Hunting with the Mauser M12 rifle.

Watch the Mauser M12 in action:

An overview of the Mauser M12:

Model:Mauser M12
Caliber:.300 WinMag
Capacity:5 + 1 rounds
Barrel length:620 mm
Total length:1.065 mm
Trigger pull:720 g
Weight:3.175 g

Features: Six lug action, walnut shaft with German cheek rest and pistol grip, removable magazine, open sights, holes for mounts.

Range test: Mauser M12, .300 WinMag

Factory cartridge
Group size
168 grs Sellier & Bellot HPBT
82 mm
175 grs GECO Express
41 (29) mm
180 grs Lapua Naturalis
78 (56) mm
180 grs Remington Core - Lokt SP
32 mm
200 grs RWS Target Elite
23 mm

Remarks: Group size = five-shot groups, shot in a seated position using a bench rest at a distance of 100 m, expressing millimeters, measured from bullet hole center to bullet hole center. Values in parentheses after elimination of one outlier.

Abbreviations/bullet initials: HPBT: hollow point boat tail, SP: soft point

Rating for the Mauser M12

Accuracy (max. 50 points)50 points
Stock (max. 10 points)8 points
Trigger (max. 10 points)9 points
Magazine/handling (max. 5 points)5 points
Sights (max. 5 points)4 points
System/function (max. 10 points)10 points
Finishing (max. 10 points)10 points
Total score (max. 100 points)96 points
Test ratingExcellent
****** (6 out of 6 stars)

For more informaton, please visit the Mauser website.

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