Mauser M 12 Extreme bolt-action hunting rifle

Mauser has worked hard for decades to build a good reputation in the hunting industry and does everything in its power to keep things that way. The company’s claim is simple: ‘The Original’, and Dominikus Stadler, Brand Manager at Mauser, is at pains to emphasize its value. “If you’re looking for a rifle that is 100 percent reliable, you will pick a Mauser,” says the man behind the brand.

Mauser is always keen to accompany hunters out in the field to put its new rifles through their paces. To do so, it is perfectly willing to splash the cash and invest significant time. Real-life experience and genuine hunters tracking their prey provide tangible benefits compared to simple testing on a shooting range. The jaunt to Lapland, when Mauser thrust the M12 Extreme into the eager hands of a group of hunters and dispatched them into the wilderness, was one such occasion. It hardly needs to be mentioned that the whole shindig was captured on film. The group returned intact, and the footage confirmed that the Mauser M12 Extreme is quite rightly considered one of the best hunting rifles. But Lapland was not the first hunting trip that Mauser organized with new weapons. Back in 2016, the company deposited six hunters in the West Highlands of Scotland for an entire week.

All the facts about the Mauser M 12 Extreme

Mauser M 12 models are almost always available in a wooden version, but not the M 12 Extreme. The polymer stock on the M 12 Extreme is engineered for the toughest environment, and its material makes it a bit more resistant to extreme temperatures or damp. A special benefit is the soft touch coating for consistently firm purchase. An original Mauser butt plate with Mauser logo seals off the stock. An optional centimeter can be added to the stock length by fitting a thicker butt plate, but that costs extra.

The Mauser M 12 Extreme has a standard barrel length of 56 cm, and the rifle weighs around 3.1 kg. The standard version of the M 12 Extreme is available for nine different calibers, including the extremely popular hunting calibers.308 Win., .30-06 and 9.3x62! The bolt handle knob is slightly bigger than its rivals and ensures smooth and quick cycling. The M 12 Mauser Extreme is loaded conveniently from the top or by replacing the zigzag magazine. The mag has a capacity of 5+1 and is made from black, extremely rugged polymer with an embossed Mauser logo. A reserve magazine can also be ordered as an optional extra. Other features include the 3-position SRS system and the optional mounting base for various bipods. The easy-to-use 3-position SPS system (‘smooth roll safety’) is a new development with a roller fitted inside the safety to ensure particularly quiet and precise application on the firing pin.

The Mauser M 12 Extreme is also available with a 62 cm Magnum barrel, which is around 6 cm longer than the standard version of the Mauser M 12. This adds a little to the weight of the Mauser M 12 Extreme Magnum, which at around 3.2 kg is roughly 100 g heavier than the standard version. The bolt-action hunting rifle is available in the standard Magnum calibers 7 mm Rem. Mag., .300 Win. Mag. and .338 Win. Mag.

The Mauser M 12 Extreme is on sale in Germany for as little as €1,616 (pricelist: January 2017).

We also took a closer look at the Mauser M 12 MAX with thumbhole stock during the International RWS Shooting Day in 2016. Watch the video to learn more about this bolt-action rifle by Mauser.

Mauser M 12 Extreme: Technical data at a glance

M 12 Extreme


.22-250 Rem., .243 Win., .308 Win., 6,5 x 55, .270 Win., 7 x 64, .30-06, 8 x 57 IS, 9,3 x 62

7 mm Rem. Mag., .300 Win. Mag., .338 Win. Mag.

Barrel lenght56 cm62 cm
Overall length
106,5 cm112,5 cm
ca. 3,1 kgca. 3,2 kg
Magazine capacity
Trigger pull weight
ca. 950 g
ca. 950 g

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