Test: MAUSER M03 Extreme bolt-action hunting rifle

Manual cocking system
The six-lug bolt of the MAUSER M03 Extreme locks directly in the barrel. The head can be removed without tools to switch calibers quickly. The slanted cocking slide is perched at the back of the bolt sleeve.

With its M03, the very traditional MAUSER brand launched in 2003 a bolt-action rifle with replaceable bolt head and quick-switch barrels. There is a host of other versions besides the basic model.


Another was added in 2011 with the release of the M03 Extreme. It is fitted as standard with a grey synthetic stock and black elastomer inlays on the pistol grip for excellent grip in handling, as well as a trigger guard and a rubber butt plate. Shooters can also pick the PH model of the MAUSER M03 Extreme with sand-colored stock, developed specifically for African safaris.

The Mauser M03 is available in  23 calibers, some of them in a variety of barrel lengths and profiles.

Screw safety of the MAUSER M03 Extreme 
The screw safety is turned 90° to prevent the magazine on the MAUSER M03 Extreme from falling out. A dime is the simplest tool to use.

The test sample was deliverd to us chambered in the .300 Win. Mag. with a fluted 65 centimeter barrel (€ 619 extra). The bolt locks in the barrel with six lugs. Adjustable, high-contrast open sights sit on the barrel in a Battue configuration. The receiver is drilled and tapped for MAUSER’s proprietary Double Square mount.

The action was a little abrupt, but still smooth. What looks like a safety at the back of the bolt sleeve is in fact a lever for the manual cocking system which is operated by flipping the lever from ‘S’ to ‘F’ for the cock position and back again to uncock.

The chamber is opened safely by pressing the lever beyond the normal ‘S’ position. The crisp combined trigger can only be engaged in the ‘F’ position. There is also a screw to lock the magazine release.

Our resume for the Mauser M03 Extreme: this is a rugged, reliable rifle with barrel and caliber switch options to suit practically any hunting scenario and game type.

Possible uses of the MAUSER M03 Extreme:

The MAUSER M03 Extreme is everything you would expect of a good hunting rifle, but such dediction is a trade off for any other use, such as sport, law enforcement or tactical purposes.

Possible uses of the MAUSER M03 Extreme

Technical specifications and price: MAUSER M03 Extreme

MAUSER M03 Extreme 
€ 3,155 (standard version)
Tested Caliber: 
.300 Win. Mag.
4 + 1 rounds
Barrel length: 
600 mm (also available: 650 mm; € 619 extra)
Total length:
1,170 mm
Trigger pull:
948 g (double set: 350 g)
3,600 g

Features: six lug action, manual cocking system, combined trigger, fluted barrel, removable magazine with lock, quick caliber switch option.

Rating for the MAUSER M03 Extreme

Rating Points
Accuracy (max. 50 points)50 points
Stock (max. 10 points)8 points
Trigger (max. 10 points)9 points
Magazine/handling (max. 5 points)5 points
Sights (max. 5 points)4 points
System/function (max. 10 points)9 points
Finishing (max. 10 points)10 points
Total score (max. 100 points)95 points
Test ratingExcellent
Stars****** (6 out of 6 stars)

You will find more information on the manufacturer website.

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