Krieghoff Semprio repeating hunting rifle

Krieghoff − the well-known, German manufacturer of world-class hunting rifles − introduced several new products at the 2015 IWA OutdoorClassics expo in Nuremberg

The Semprio repeating rifle is the latest, compact and extremely high-quality hunting rifle developed by Krieghoff especially for battue hunting under extreme conditions (primarily for hunting wild boar).
Featuring a high-strength polymer handguard and stock, sporting a camouflage-style look in bright orange, provdes a unique "hunting feel" without sacrificing visibility or safety — making sure everything about the rifle is geared toward reliability and safe handling.

Features of the Krieghoff Semprio Repeating Rifle

Firstly: the Krieghoff Sempro in-line repeating rifle is equipped with several manual and automatic safety features so that a cartridge can never be fired by mistake, no matter what Murphy's Law says.

Secondly: the simple and intuitive yet robust functionality of the in-line repeating system make it virtually impossible for the Krieghoff Semprio to jam, while making it not significantly slower in operation than a semi-automatic rifle.

Finally: the magazine in the Krieghoff Semprio can only be removed for loading, changing or storage when the breechblock is open. This means that it cannot inadvertently fall out and get lost.

Another interesting feature of Krieghoff Semprio is the variety of quick-and easy-to-mount barrels and bolts available, each of which can be installed in place of the standard components, even right on the hunting field, requiring no special tools and little more than ten seconds of time. This makes the Krieghoff Semprio a fully modular hunting rifle. 

Hunters throughout Europe will therefore have no difficulty converting their Krieghoff Semprio to other calibers, like the 7.62x51mm /.308 Winchester, .30-06 Springfield or 7x65 mm. This makes it a convenient option for discerning hunters: they simply need to switch out a few components in order to hunt different game at different locations. The Krieghoff Semprio is above all an excellent choice for traveling huntersl, especially for those who hunt abroad or in jurisdictions where certain calibers are not available.

Although originally developed for hunting all varieties of hogs and wild boar, in our opinion the Krieghoff Semprio is an excellent choice for hunting big game in Europe and North America. It is certainly the right weapon if you’re planning on spending extended lengths of time out in the wild!

The only suitable alternative would be another typical German design: the triple-barreled gun. It's no surprise that Krieghoff also manufactures many excellent triple-barreled shotguns that are both aesthetically and technically well-crafted and come in countless variations that satisfy the likes and needs of every kind of hunter. And these Krieghoff triple-barreled rifles now come equipped with a locking system manufactured out of ERGAL 55 aluminum alloy, so they’re lighter than ever. They are a godsend for all hunters who want to experience all the variations and disciplines of the hunting world.

Hunting is unpredictable yet glorious, and a faithful companion allows you to appreciate everything that nature offers. That’s professional hunting made for professional hunters!

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