Krieghoff Semprio manual repeating rifle for driven hunts

The Krieghoff Semprio is a very special kind of manual repeating rifle! A hunting weapon that blends more than just Krieghoff’s passion and dedication with outstanding gunsmith crafts: In the Semprio, the ingenious engineers have also developed an innovative technology that is unrivalled elsewhere in the world: the in-line repeater system.

This system equips the Krieghoff Semprio perfectly for any situation that may crop up during driven hunts, ensuring a faster cycle than in the usual ‘classic’ manual repeating rifles.  In this article we will explain how Krieghoff’s in-repeater system actually works:

In-line repeater system in the Krieghoff Semprio

In principle, every hunter is familiar with how repeating works: The cartridge is pushed into the chamber, and the bolt lever is moved forward in a locking movement. This, at least, describes the ‘regular’ repeater system fitted to innumerable hunting rifles on the market.

All pump action guns released on the market so far work according to a different principle. Also available as rifles, they go by the name of pump guns. This is because loading, i.e. cycling, is performed by drawing back the forearm and then pushing it forward again.

Krieghoff Semprio In-Line Repeater
The in-line repeater system in the Krieghoff Semprio is unique

The in-line repeater system in the Krieghoff Semprio bears no resemblance to the cycling operations otherwise used for standard long guns. Here, also, the cartridge is pushed into the chamber from behind. But this time the entire barrel moves, and not just the bolt!

The barrel is thrust over the chamber when loading, i.e. cycling. This sounds like it could take some getting used to. And it does, but once the shooter has got the hang of the movement, it is very similar to a pump action rifle.

The chambering procedure is astonishingly simple and almost automatic: it only takes a slight push and pull on the forearm with the barrel and the aiming device. The Krieghoff Semprio works almost as quickly as a self-loading rifle. The front part of the weapon with the barrel automatically moves a few centimeters forwards after shot discharge, therefore initiating the cycling process.

Benefits of the Krieghoff Semprio for driven hunts

The Krieghoff Semprio in ‘Blaze Orange’
Ideal for driven hunts: The Krieghoff Semprio in ‘Blaze Orange’

The benefits could not be more obvious. The Semprio allows the finger to remain near the trigger, while the other hand rests on the forearm. Hunters using classic repeater rifles need to take their hand off the trigger guard and the grip to grasp the bolt handle and chamber the round. The in-line repeater puts an end to this movement.

This way you can stay focused on the target during driven hunts, which is immensely practical for offhand shooting over short distances. You are immediately ready to take your next shot with the Krieghoff Semprio, without having to lower the rifle. 

The reticle remains fixed on the target, so repeat acquisition is unnecessary. You can track the path of your targeted game without interruption to discharge a quick and reliable finishing shot. This way you can take your shots in quick succession during driven hunts, without any significant interruptions.

Krieghoff Semprio as a take-down rifle

Not only is the hunting rifle particularly responsive, it is taken down at lightning speed in just a few steps. The procedure is so simple and intuitive that even hunters with two left hands will have dismantled the weapon into a pair of handy parts in less than 30 seconds. A pivot lever – without any tools or screws – is used to reduce the Semprio from a total length of 107 cm to a stowing size of 70 cm. You will not have to scramble for bolts, washers or springs when releasing the mechanism, and the whole rifle will fit snug into a compact rifle case. 

Testing the Krieghoff Semprio
Test the Krieghoff Semprio and its innovative bolt action system for yourself

The procedure required to change the barrel or caliber in the Krieghoff Semprio confirms this sense of easy handling. All it takes is an Allen key to replace the barrel within the same caliber group. The bolt head must also be replaced and the magazine switched to change from normal to Magnum caliber. But it is all perfectly simple and does not require any tools.

Click here for a video guide on how the Krieghoff Semprio works

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