Krieghoff K-80 Australia "Gun of the Year" for 2016

Since the year 2000, Krieghoff has been bringing an exclusive one-of-a-kind "Gun of the Year" to the market. This year's "Gun of the Year" does honor to its name: In a unique way, the Krieghoff K-80 presents the diversity of flora and fauna on the largest island on the planet — Australia. But that isn’t the end of the story: Two of the largest and most significant of Australia's landmarks were also integrated into the over and under shotgun.

Krieghoff Gun of the Year 2016 left side
Krieghoff K-80 "Australia": Ayers rock — also known as "Uluru" — is engraved on the left side
Krieghoff Gun of the Year 2016 right side
Krieghoff K-80 "Australia": On the right, the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Engraved on the left side of the rifle is Ayers Rock — or "Uluru", as the sandstone rock formation in the Central Australian Desert is known to the aborigines. 

On the right is the Sydney Opera House, one of the most prominent and well-known buildings of the 20th century, alongside the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The Golden Wattle — Australia's National Floral Emblem — is also represented, and dominates the split opening lever of the Krieghoff K-80 over and under shotgun.

Krieghoff Gun of the Year 2016
The Krieghoff K-80 "Australia" pays homage to the diversity of the continent's unique flora and fauna

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