Krieghoff Classic Double Rifle for Hunters

A hunting companion for native hunting grounds or out on safari, the Krieghoff Classic is ideal for any conceivable hunting situation. Whether as the double rifle in standard calibers, a classic ‘big five’ in large calibers to hunt big game or as a side-by-side shotgun/rifle combination, the Krieghoff Classic comes with an extensive range of barrel configurations and combinations.

Engraving on the Krieghoff double rifle
Krieghoff Classic double rifle: engraving on the bottom. Krieghoff offers individual decorations

The hunting rifles by Krieghoff epitomize crafts precision and perfection. Exquisite engravings adorn the steel action, while the stock is fashioned from polished wood and has a butt plate made of rubber. The beautiful, classic lines are reliable eye-catchers.

Out in the field, the Krieghoff Classic is ideal for hunting big game on the move. After all, modern Krieghoff system engineering is fitted beneath the sophisticated lines. The Classic is the first and only double rifle with manual twin hammer combi cocking device and universal trigger. The solid underlugs and a self-adjusting breech wedge guarantee permanent, exact and safe locking. The modified Purdey style extension is a distinguishing feature of the Classic breechblock, which, as an additional element, absorbs the lateral bending forces produced during discharge. When opened, shooters have entirely unobstructed access to the breech.

Krieghoff has engineered the slender and well-balanced barrel combinations perfectly to allow quick and instinctive shots. Below we have compiled information on the various combinations in which the Krieghoff hunting rifle is available.

Krieghoff Classic double rifle

Ejecting the ammunition from the Krieghoff Classic
Krieghoff also sells the Classic double rifle with an optional disengageable ejector.

The most popular version of the Classic is the time-honored double rifle in the standard calibers 7x57R, 7x65R, .308 Win., .30-06 Spring., .30R Blaser, 8x57IRS, 8x57RS and 9.3x74R. The standard barrel length is 60 cm (24"), and the weight ranges between 3.3 and 3.7 kg, depending on the caliber and density of the stock wood.

The standard features include a double trigger– although a single Krieghoff trigger is optionally available. Besides a reliable extractor, the rifle can also be fitted with the Krieghoff intelligent ejector system IES as an additional technical option. This allows shooters to select between ejection or extraction when reloading. Visit the manufacturer’s website here for more information on the Krieghoff IES.

Standard features in the Krieghoff Classic double rifle

  • Twin hammer manual combi cocking device, universal trigger system and double trigger
  • Set trigger integrated in the front trigger
  • Standard border line engraving
  • Slim compact steel action with reinforced sidewalls
  • Ergonomically shaped Kickspanner cocking device for safe and simple operation
  • Automatic hammer safety to prevent shot discharge unless the breech is fully closed
  • Short opening angle for fast, easy loading
  • Purdey style extension to withstand lateral bending forces in addition to the broad, solid underlugs 
  • Virtually horizontal firing pin placement for fast, error-free firing
  • Self-adjusting wedge for durable, secure bolting
  • Broad, solid underlugs to withstand wear in the action
  • Reliable extractor
  • Front plate for pivot bridge mount
  • Steel trigger floor plate and trigger guard
  • Nickel-plated receiver finish
  • Detachable sling swivels
  • Muzzle adjustment
  • Standard wood in the stock
  • Right-handed stock with Bavarian-style cheekpiece, rubber recoil pad in black and ‘Schnabel’ forearm
  • Delivered in the Krieghoff GunPack

Krieghoff Classic Big Five double rifle

Krieghoff used an extensive field study with professional hunters, safari experts and dealers to develop the Big Five double rifle. This cooperation culminated in an outstanding double rifle that is engineered specifically for the particular conditions when hunting dangerous or aggressive game. And what is good for hunting water buffalo in the African Savannah will certainly be up to the task of bagging wild boar in native hunting grounds.

Ideal handling is a matter of life-or-death when taking an instinctive shot in dangerous situations. Among other things, the barrel profile and weight compensation in the butt stock –tailored specifically to the caliber – ensure that the Krieghoff Classic Big Five is perfectly balanced.

The Krieghoff Classic Big Five double rifle is available in the calibers .375 Flanged Mag. N.E., .375 H&H Mag., .450/.400 N.E., .500/.416 N.E., .470 N.E. and .500 N.E. It weighs between 4.2 and 4.8 kg, depending on its caliber and the density of the stock wood.

The big game version of the Krieghoff Classic blends all attributes of the legendary safari rifles from the golden era of African hunting. The Classic "Big Five" has acquired an outstanding reputation among Africa’s professional hunters in the few years since its introduction.

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The Krieghoff Classic Big Five rifle to hunt big game
Krieghoff Classic Big Five double rifle: perfectly engineered for the specific conditions of hunting dangerous big game. Here with interchangeable barrel.

Krieghoff Classic side-by-side rifle/shotgun combination

Krieghoff’s eagerly-awaited rediscoveries include the side-by-side rile/shotgun combination as a classic duo for local hunting grounds. The Krieghoff Classic shotgun is available in 20/76-gauge, while the cartridge caliber is offered individually on request. The side-by-side combination has a stepped rib, besides the suitably traditional look with engraving.

Hunting with a Krieghoff double rifle
The KRIEGHOFF Classic Big Five double rifle is also ideal for drive hunts in native hunting grounds

Many hunters fit the Krieghoff Classic with an interchangeable barrel to use it for shotgun hunting. The outstanding balance and the trusty hunting weapon’s familiar handling practically guarantee success out in the field.

The Krieghoff Classic side-by-side shotgun takes 20/76-gauge shot, and has a barrel length of 71 cm. The side-by-side has 1/2 –3/4” fixed chokes and added safety thanks to the twin-hammer combi cocking device.

Prices for the Krieghoff Classic double rifle

The recommended retail prices for the standard-version Krieghoff Classic double rifle start at €5,644.00.

The recommended retail price for the Big Five model (from caliber 375 H&H) is from €7,799.00.

The manufacturer offers numerous options at an extra charge for use in combination with the Krieghoff Classic: from scope mounts and interchangeable barrel combinations to high-quality personalized engravings and gilded lock parts.

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