Kimber Subalpine bolt-action rifle

Designed to conquer the US hunting market of faithful manual repeating firearm users, Kimber released its Subalpine rifle this year, which has been somewhat immodestly described as "the world's best production deer rifle". Let's look at what it has to offer: the Kimber Subalpine features a 22-inch, partially fluted, Match-grade stainless steel barrel. 

The barrel is also available in 24- and 26-inch versions depending on the gauge. The standard muzzle thread, protected by a muzzle cap, can be fitted with a muzzle brake or sound suppressor where permitted by law.

The trigger group is adjustable with a factory-set trigger pull of 1300 grams. The reinforced carbon fibre stock is enveloped in camouflaged Subalpine GORE Optifade (which is where the rifle gets its name). The Pachmayr Decelerator butt pad is 1 inch thick (2.54 millimetres).

The 84 L action is fitted with a three-position wing safety and Mauser extractor. The magazine holds four .308 Winchester cartridges.

According to Kimber, the rifle "out of the box" offers a spread with sub-MOA precision. The Kimber Subalpine is not equipped with an open sight, but traditional sight rings can be mounted.

The Kimber Subalpine is available in .280 Ackley Improved, .308 Winchester, .30-06 Springfield, .300 Winchester Short Magnum and .300 Winchester Magnum for around USD 1,700.

Technical specs of the Kimber Subalpine bolt-action rifle


.308 Win., .280 Ack. Imp., .30-06 Spring., 300 WSM, .300 Win. Mag.

Barrel Length:56 cm (22”)
Overall Length:
104 cm (41.25”)
Weight: ca. 1,8 kg (4 lbs, 13 oz.)
Capacity of magazines:4
Trigger weight:ca. 1.300 g (3-3.5 lbs)
Price (MSRP):1.701,- US-Dollar


For more information on Kimber weapons, visit or go directly to Kimber's website.

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