Kimber 8400 Caprivi bolt action rifle in .375 H&H Magnum

Particularly defensive game needs to be hunted down using large calibers. For the huntsman this should mean that the game is actually hit, and not merely shot at, i.e. not just "hit and miss".

From its 8400 model range, Kimber USA offers the Caprivi version for precisely this style of hunting. The 8400 Caprivi can be bought in Germany at Waffen Ferkinghoff in the calibers of .375 H & H Mag., .416 Rem. Mag. and in the not so widely used .458 Lott caliber

We had the opportunity to test the rifle in .375 Holland & Holland Magnum on the shooting range.

Big game rifle on the shooting range: Kimber 8400 Caprivi
Big game rifle from Kimber: the 8400 Caprivi in .375 Holland & Holland Magnum is also suitable for deer and other large game hunting.

Kimber 8400 Caprivi in practice – the features of this repeating rifle

The weapons manufacturer Kimber developed the rifle specifically for big game hunting in Africa. Naturally, though, the Caprivi is also well suited for deer and other large game hunting in European climes. As such, you don’t have to fly all the way to Africa to use the rifle. 

The stock of the Kimber 8400 Caprivi is constructed from high-quality French walnut wood and is oil-polished by hand. The tip of the fore-stock is made of dark ebony. The two bolts that pass through the wooden stock to reinforce it and fix the action are particularly striking. 

Rear stock of the Kimber 8400 Caprivi bolt action rifle
Cheek rest of the Kimber 8400 Caprivi with a Pachmyr rubber recoil pad.

A German cheek piece is incorporated into the cheek rest at the rear stock. For cushioning the recoil of the .375 H & H Magnum, the Kimber Caprivi has a Pachmayr decelerator rubber recoil pad. 

The pistol grip fits well in the hand with its fish-skin texturing. The manual safety can be reached easily with the thumb.  

The action and the barrel of this straightpull bolt action rifle are made of steel and have a matt black coating. A Mauser extractor groove reliably ejects the cartridge cases. The magazine has a capacity of 4 cartridges. The barrel has 6 grooves and a barrel length of 61 cm.

Front sight tunnel on the Kimber 8400 Caprivi
A front sight tunnel and a rear sight are also attached to the Kimber 8400 Caprivi.

The Kimber 8400 Caprivi is factory fitted with a manual sight. This consists of a simple rear sight and an adjustable front sight within the front sight tunnel. Ring eyelets are attached to the barrel and the rear stock for fitting a rifle strap. The trigger is adjustable and comes with a trigger pull of about 1,800 g. 

The repeating rifle has everything that singles out a Kimber USA product: quality, reliability and a good stopping power. The repeating rifle with the Magnum caliber .375 H & H does, of course, have a stronger recoil than the usual hunting rifles chambered in .308 Win. Nevertheless, the rifle sits well in the shoulder, and thanks to the buffering effect of the Pachmayr rubber pad it is not noticed as much.

Pistol grip of the Kimber Caprivi with its fish-skin finish 
The fish-skin finish on the pistol grip provides good hold for the hand during shooting.
Safety of the Kimber 8400 Caprivi bolt action rifle
The manual safety of the Kimber 8400 Caprivi repeating rifle.

The Kimber 8400 Caprivi weapon we tested is available in Germany through Waffen Ferkinghoff chambered in .375 H & H Mag. for €3,879.00. For this price you’ll get a high-quality and well-finished repeating rifle constructed of noble materials in a big-game hunting caliber. With Kimber's repeating rifle you’ll be well equipped for both deer hunting and big game hunting.

Kimber 8400 Caprivi hunting rifle: shooting test
The Kimber 8400 Caprivi bolt action rifle is available in various calibers.

Kimber 8400 Caprivi
Caliber:.375 H&H Magnum
Capacity:4 rounds
Barrel:61 cm, steel, matt black finish
Trigger:adjustable, trigger pull: 1,500 g–1,800 g 
Stock material:French walnut wood, oil-polished by hand
Sights:Rear sight and adjustable front sight in the front sight tunnel constructed from steel

The official importer of Kimber USA for Europe is Waffen Ferkinghoff. Get an overview of the product range here.

In 2017, Kimber presented the new Subalpine repeating rifle based on the 84 M system.

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