Kalashnikov Concern showcases its new hunting carbine Baikal-145 "Los"

During the ARMY-2017 arms exhibition Kalashnikov Concern has introduced new hunting rifles. The new carbine Baikal-145 is the development of the family of hunting carbines "Los-7", which is very popular in Russia, and comes to replace both the family "Los" and the family of carbines "Bars-4". 

Hunting carbine Baikal 145- "Los" from Concern "Kalashnikov"
The hunting rifle Baikal 145- "Los" from the Concern "Kalashnikov" is offered in two versions with a short or standard receiver and a shutter.

Baikal-145 "Los" (Moose) rifle is offered in two configurations, with short (for .223 Rem and similar cartridges) or standard (for .308 Win) actions (receiver and bolt groups).

Barrels are cold hammer forged and feature chrome-lined bores and chambers. Muzzles are threaded to accept various devices (i.e. muzzle brakes) which are sold separately.

Receiver is made from steel and carefully bedded to the stock. The barrel is free-floating.

The manually operated rotary bolt has three lugs and features a 60-degree throw for faster operation. The bolt body has a gas relief port to protect the shooter from powder gases in case of primer or case rupture. Manual safety is located at the rear of the bolt.

Receiver is fitted with Picatinny rail for simple scope installation, and iron sights are provided for those who prefer to use them.

Ammunition is fed from detachable single stack box magazines.

Stock is made from wood of walnut or beech and is fitted with Uncle Mike’s sling swivel studs which can be used to attach a carrying sling or a bipod.

Specifications of the Baikal-145 "Los" (Moose) hunting rifle

Short action

Standard action




Ammunition / cartridge:

5,56х45 (.223 Remington)

7,62х51 (.308 Winchester)

Overall length:
1040 mm1050 mm

Barrel length:

550 mm 

550 mm


3,3 kg

3,4 kg

Magazine capacity:

3 rounds

3 rounds

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For more information please visit Kalashnikov Concern website.