User test: hunting with the Unique Alpine JPR-1 Nordland Scout 

We fired and tested the Unique Alpine JPR-1 Nordland Scout extensively. Generally speaking, we can certainly say it was developed with sensible trends in mind and also for any possible hunting scenario. Here we talk about details that can help you with your purchase decision.

The JPR-1's rugged and adjustable GRS Berserk stock

The GRS Berserk stock of the JPR-1 Nordland Scout from Unique Alpine
The GRS Berserk stock of the  Unique Alpine JPR-1 Nordland Scout is fully adjustable.

The GRS Berserk is a rugged and long-lasting stock thanks to the glass fiber reinforced material it's made from. The GRS comes with adjustable stock length and cheek piece height, thus ensuring individual adaptability to the shooter. With the rubberized forend and pistol grip the shooter always has a steady grip even in cold weather, ice and rain. The grip is also ergonomically shaped, which makes a safe pulling into the shoulder easier. In addition, the relaxed position of the hand comes from the design itself.

The inner values of the stock are also impressive: GRS features a Limbsaver Airtech recoil pad. This allows the shooter to fire from an ideal position and above all to remain in that position, especially with larger calibers. For optimum carrying comfort, the Berserk also has flush cup sling mounts and a sling mount on the front stock for mounting bipods.

The bolt of the Unique Alpine JPR-1 Nordland Scout
The JPR-1 Nordland Scout has a bolt throw of 60°.

The JPR-1 system from Unique Alpine: barrel lengths and calibers

For our test gun we selected a 16.5"/419 mm match barrel. It's available in 20"/508 mm, 24"/609 mm and 26"/660 mm lenghts. The caliber range offers the choice between .243 Win, .308 Win, 6.5 Creedmoor and 6.5x47 Lapua. The barrels also come standard with a muzzle thread for mounting a silencer or muzzle brake. The bolt locks safely with the help of 3 lugs. The built-in primary extraction makes it easy to pull out the case, and jamming is impossible.

Unique Alpine JPR-1: test
For the test, the Unique Alpine JPR-1 was used from the high seat and on the shooting range.

Unique Alpine equipped the rifle with the usual three-position safety, which acts directly on the firing pin. This prevents any discharge in case of impact or fall, while also preventing the accidental opening of the chamber. This is important because the rifle has bolt throw of only 60°, which allows for fast repeating.

The trigger can be adjusted between 900 and 2500 g. It's crisp and has match quality. In the test it allowed for a very controlled shot release.

At the front of the gun there is an extended Picatinny rail – the front section can be removed if necessary. This offers the possibility to mount a target optic particularly close to the barrel.

Accessories: the JSD-1 hunting suppressor – a UA proprietary development

Unique Alpine JPR-1 Nordland Scout test with hunting suppressor
Unique Alpine JPR-1 Nordland Scout test version: as an accessory to the gun we tested the hunting suppressor.

The JPR-1 Nordland Scout was also tested with the Unique Alpine's own JSD-1 hunting suppressor, which also originally comes from the military sector and combines know-how from the military and LE market with the needs of hunters. The tube of the SD is stainless steel, while the core is titanium, as well as the attachment- and end-cap. The weight of the JSD-1 is 500 grams.

Who is it intended for? The JPR-1 Nordland Scout in hunting practice and test conclusion

We had the gun with us on the shooting range as well as in the hide. The suppressor was also checked in some shooting strings in the shooting cinema. Because of the solid construction the SD also passed this test without any complaint. The sound dampening performance was great – so much so that you can get along well without ear protection.

The JPR-1 Nordland Scout is not a particularly light gun, since it weighs 9.2 lb/4200 g. That's why we did not use it for stalking. Its strengths, on the other hand, is the high seat and the shooting range. Its accuracy leaves nothing to be desired and it also shows its great advantage there: the stock can be perfectly customized. With the latest thermal imaging add-ons mounted its long Picatinny rail, it's also a perfect choice for hunters who want to upgrade their optics in this area. All in all, Unique Alpine's hunting repeater is well thought-out down to the last detail and sets an accuracy technical standard for all other manufacturers.

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