Review: HAENEL Jaeger 10 Varmint and Varmint Sporter bolt-action rifles

The gunsmiths from C. G. Haenel GmbH in Suhl used the IWA 2013 to introduce a number of additional models to the Jaeger 10 bolt-action rifle line, all of them grouped under the generic designation of ‘Pro’ for ‘professional.’ Among them were the ‘Varmint’ and ‘Varmint Sporter’ models with a black polymer stock. The latter rifle is designed to appeal to sports shooters as well as hunters.

The adjustable comb fitted to the Varmint Sporter at a premium of roughly € 300 is the only difference between the two models. Both of them come with the additional, third swing swivel eyelet on the forearm for an optional bipod.

This is the range of calibers offered: .223 Rem., 6.5 × 55 SE, .243 Win., .270 Win., .300 Win.Mag. and – the chambering used by our tested rifle – .308 Win.

Review: HAENEL Jaeger 10 Varmint and Varmint Sporter bolt-action rifles
The Varmint models in the Haenel Jaeger 10 series all come with an M15 × 1 metric muzzle thread.

The barrel is a 56 centimeters long medium weight with 19 millimeters diameter at the muzzle (Magnum caliber: 65 cm long) fastened to a forged steel receiver. The barrel has an M15 × 1 thread at the muzzle. In the test firearm, the otherwise free-floating barrel has a pressure point in the stock, three fingers in front of the receiver.

The bolt slides smoothly through the system, but the handle tends to stick when opening, as did the somewhat parsimonious three-round capacity plastic magazine. There is also the risk of losing the magazine when out on the hunt due to the more generously sized release buttons.

Cocking system of the HAENEL Jaeger 10 
The bolt on the Jaeger 10 locks in the barrel with six lugs. The bolt cocks when opening, causing the firing pin guide to poke out the back. The adjustable comb is in its lowest position.
Review: HAENEL Jaeger 10 Varmint and Varmint Sporter bolt-action rifles
Haenel Jaeger 10 Varmint: The safety catch is directly above the bolt lock when engaged. The button to remove the bolt is located on the other side of the receiver.

The trigger was slightly scratchy as it crept toward the point of release and also showed significant over-travel after breaking the shot. The double-set trigger broke at around 120 grams. But the blade was not crisp and travelled around an extra millimeter before discharge.

The Haenel Jaeger 10 Varmint rifles are a viable option for anyone looking for a German-built rifle in a price range just north of € 1,300.

Possible uses of the Jaeger 10 Varmint/Varmint Sporter:

The Haenel Jaeger 10 Varmint Sporter is more than just a hunting rifle and caters wonderfully to the needs of sports shooters as well. We advise against using the Jaeger 10 for law enforcement or military purposes.

Possible Uses of the HAENEL Jaeger 10 Varmint/Varmint Sporter

Technical specifications / Haenel Jaeger 10 Varmint Sporter:

Model:Jaeger 10 Varmint Sporter
Price:€ 1.324,- 
Caliber:.308 Winchester (others available)
Capacity: 3 + 1 shells
Barrel length:560 mm (others available)
Total length:1.091 mm
Trigger pull:1,148 g (double-set: 120 g)
Weight:3.448 g

Features: six lug action, polymer stock with pistol grip and adjustable comb, bipod mount, removable magazine, muzzle thread.

Range test: Jaeger 10 Varmint, in caliber .308 Win.:

Nr.Factory cartridgeGroup size
39 mm
2150 grs FEDERAL Vital-Shok SP
27 mm
3165 grs NORMA Swift
32 mm
57 (48) mm
5168 grs RWS Target Elite
23 mm

Remarks: Group size = five-shot groups, shot in a seated position using a bench rest at a distance of 100 m, expressing millimeters, measured from bullet hole center to bullet hole center. Values in parentheses after elimination of one flyer.

Abbreviations/bullet initials: HP: hollow point, SP: soft point, BTHP: boat tail hollow p

Rating for the Jaeger 10 Varmint Sporter

Accuracy (max. 50 points)50 points
Stock (max. 10 points)7 points
Trigger (max. 10 points)5 points
Magazine/handling(max. 5 points)3 points
Sights (max. 5 points)4 points
System/function (max. 10 points)8 points
Finishing (max. 10 points)7 points
Total score (max. 100 points)84 points
Test rating
Very good
***** (5 out of 6 stars)

For more informaton, please visit the Haenel Jaeger website.

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