Benelli Lupo, Benelli's first bolt-action rifle for hunting!

Beware of the wolf! Benelli was once synonymous with semiautomatic 12-gauge shotguns, with its Montefeltro models. Then came the Argo and Benelli also became synonymous with semiautomatic wild boar hunting rifles. That wasn't enough, and also came the 828 U over/under , which redefined the concept of the two-barreled shotgun, achieving extraordinary success. Some people would have been satisfied with that. But evidently resting on their laurels is not part of the Benelli mentality. So, at SHOT Show 2020 they have debuted the Lupo (“wolf”, in Italian) bolt-action rifle, available at the moment in .270 Winchester, .30-06 and .300 Winchester Magnum calibers.

Benelli Lupo, details and features

From the first visual contact, the Lupo rifle reveals itself as a different rifle from all the others, starting from the chassis-style construction and the fully modular polymer stock, which allows the user to customize every detail. Thanks to a series of shims and spacers supplied with the rifle it is possible to adjust the stock drop, cast and length. The Lupo features a Combtech type cheek pad and a recoil pad with active recoil absorption, modified from the Progressive Comfort system already used on Benelli's shotguns, which acts as a real shock absorber. The stock grip surfaces are checkered with the patented AirTouch texture that ensures comfort and a firm hold. Swivel mounts are integrated in the stock.

The barrel with sub-MOA guarantee is fully floating and made of crio-treated steel. It's 22”/56 cm long for the .30-06 and .270 Winchester calibers, and 24”/61 cm for the .300 Winchester Magnum. 

The light alloy receiver sports an extremely functional and modern design and a blued finish. The Picatinny optic rail is in two pieces, to save weight. Benelli's proprietary bolt body is also flared and grooved to save weight, with a 60° throw .
Thanks to a divider and a very soft elevator spring, the patented double-stack box magazine can be loaded as easily as a single-stack, even without removing it from the rifle. The top slide safety is easy to reach even for left-handed shooters.
The weight of the 22" barrel version is 7 lb / 3.200 grams. Retail price will start from 1.699 dollars.

We are looking forward to test firing it as soon as possible, of course. So, congratulations to Benelli. 
But there are also critical comments from the market, we can't to ignore:

- Why is Benelli entering such a highly competitive market with zero experience?
- Is it just a cheap „plastic gun“ with no special character?
- What is the practical value for the hunter and shooter of all these patents?
- Could the Benelli Lupo be just an "uninspired copy" of a Merkel Helix?
- Or is it just a „me too product“ at the lower level of the Remington rifles?

Honestly: We don‘t know. But be sure, we‘ll find out and tell you.

Benelli Lupo, Benelli's first bolt action rifle!
The two-part Picatinny rail on Benelli Lupo's receiver.
Benelli Lupo, Benelli's first bolt action rifle!
The lightened 3-lug cutaway bolt with a 60° throw.

Benelli Lupo technical specifications and price

Model: Lupo
bolt-action rifle
Intended use:
.30-06, .270 Winchester and .300 Winchester Magnum
Barrel length:
22”/56 or 24”/61 cm
5-round double stack
none, Picatinny optic rail
fully adjustable polymer
matte blued
7 lb / 3200 grams
1699 USD (price may vary in your country due to VAT and import duties)

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