US News from Anschütz: small caliber firearms for hunting

The German Pavilion at the SHOT Show 2017 in Las Vegas is showcasing everything and every company of rank and distinction in the German-speaking world. This naturally includes Anschütz in that number. 

Although Anschütz’s Match range doesn’t have anything new to offer to Americans, it does contain products for hunters that have been specially designed for the North American market. Among other notables, this includes the Anschütz 1416 American Varminter rifle in caliber .22LR, which has a special camo finish and an 18-inch barrel (45.72 cm). Americans can acquire this firearm for $1,799 US.

Anschütz 1710 HB GRS Hybrid with laminated wood
The Anschütz 1710 HB GRS Hybrid with laminated wood repeating rifle is also available in .22LR caliber.
Die Anschütz 1710 HB GRS Hybrid Laminated Wood auf der SHOT Show 2017
The Anschütz 1710 HB GRS Hybrid with laminated wood.

In the same segment or the same caliber, .22LR, there is the Anschütz 1710 HB GRS Hybrid with laminated wood. The GRS stock can be adjusted lengthwise — as can the height of the cheek piece. The rifle’s trigger is grade 5109/2. The burnished barrel has a length of 23 inches (58 cm) and the total weight of the repeating firearm is circa 9 lbs. (4 kg). This Anschütz firearm costs $2,490 US.

An additional American specialty from the 22-range is the 1712 stainless steel. The basic specifications of this firearm selling for $2,395 US include a 5110 trigger and an 18-inch barrel.

Anschütz 1416 American Varminter in Camo
Anschütz 1416 American Varminter small caliber in Camo is specially designed for hunters.
Anschütz 1712 stainless steel at SHOT Show 2017
The Anschütz 1712 stainless steel repeating rifle has an 18-inch barrel.

As a consequence, the well-established company has a number of interesting products to offer yet again at this year’s SHOT Show, which will please hunters above all. Products that are Made in Germany continue to be associated with outstanding quality, including in the States, and so does the name Anschütz.

For more information, please visit the Anschütz website.

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