AirForce Airgun EscapeSS, for quiet shooting

Our team member Alex from all4shooters with Ton Jones from “Auction Hunters”
Ton Jones from “Auction Hunters” TV show is a regular at the AirForce.

At the SHOT Show 2018 AirForce Airgun showcased its products together with a special guest, TV star Ton Jones of “Auction Hunters” fame, who apparently loves air rifles a lot and is a regular at AirForce Airguns booth. In the US at least the list of states allowing the use of large caliber airguns for hunting continues to grow. Airguns are used even for large game, and AirForce Airgun offers some of the world's most powerful air rifles, offering hunters and wildlife control personnel a reliable and effective alternative to control wildlife nuisance and depredation problems. 

AirForce Airgun EscapeSS, German barrels for small game

Detail of the EscapeSS air rifle from AirForce Airgun
The AirForce Airgun EscapeSS is designed for small game hunting.

Thanks to the new sound reduction technology installed, the Escape SS is designed for quiet, compact, small game taking. AirForce Airguns prides itself on using high-precision German-made barrels, and the Escape SS is equipped with a .22 or .25 Caliber Lothar Walther barrel. Among its other salient features, the Escape SS is lightweight (4.3 lbs), uses a smaller air cylinder easy to fill with a hand pump, and power can be adjusted by users for a variety of shooting applications. Depending on caliber, pellet weight, and power setting velocity ranges from 500 to 900 feet per second. The two-stage trigger is adjustable too. As for the sights, open or optical sights may be installed.

The EscapeSS is available in Original Black Finish at prices around 640-680 USD. 

AirForce Airgun EscapeSS: technical data

Calibers:  22 or .25
Barrel length:
12 in / 711 mm
Overall length:  
27.75-32.25 (user adjustable)
4.3 lbs / 720 g

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