Video: hunting wild boar with dogs

It’s open season again for hunting boar, which is the focus of so much discussion in the hunting world; a resource to be managed so it doesn’t become a problem, and a concrete thrill to be experienced by many hunters. 

The teams of enthusiastic hunters know this full well and have been preparing for the new start, when once again the experts of old will stand shoulder to shoulder with young bloods, waiting for the boar to burst through the brush.  All your senses are alert to follow what’s happening in the thick underbrush, where dogs, handlers and the boar bring this timeless custom and endless passion to life. 

RWS .30-06 cartridge
30-06 ammunition is one of the most popular with boar hunters, and the RWS Silver Selection 184 gr, with an 11.9-gram bullet is an excellent solution for the driven hunt.

The technique used on the hunt is time-tested and everyone knows what to do, but Mother Nature is sure to have some surprises in store. 

The hunters conceal themselves in the stands they’ve been assigned by the chief huntsman, waiting for the first boar to burst through the bush followed by the baying of the hounds. You can take a shot both to the front or rear of the stands, always at right angles to guarantee everyone's safety.

A boar can pass you by in silence, all but imperceptible, especially if it’s a crafty old lone boar, or a whole sounder can crash impetuously through as a compact bunch, fleeing through the stands. 

In any case, the shot is always difficult to take due to the rush of emotions the first glimpse of the boar will inevitably bring, or for technical reasons such as the speed the game is moving or poor visibility that can force you to take aim instinctively, trusting your experience to make the shot precise and deadly. The baying of hounds, the chase and coming face-to-face with the game are all captured by Lugari video in this true Tuscan-style boar shoot, just one of the many films available from seasons both old and new, in the new LugariPocket App

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