Waterfowl hunting video

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There are not many kinds of hunting that can give you the thrills of “waterfowling”. 

This type of hunting anatidae (the biological family of birds that includes ducks, geese, and swans) was developed into an art form in the so-called “valleys" of Veneto: a favorite resting place for huge numbers of many duck species, both divers and surface swimmers. This is the type of hunting that, due to its highly technical and aesthetic nature, has become the most popular form of hunting waterfowl throughout most of the world.

The Benelli M2 shotgun
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The preparatory phases involve choosing the right site, placing the hides, and positioning the decoys in just the right places by boat in the middle of the night, then waiting with your heart thumping as dawn breaks, to see what the wind will bring. Shotgun loaded, the dream begins.

The place has a truly magical atmosphere, the sounds and smells, enchanting and sometimes even exotic, characterized by bright light, the valleys and water courses, wherever you are.

And when those first black crosses start to appear in the sky getting closer and closer to your decoys, that is when the thrills start: a passion for living life to the full, starting with this video by Gianni Lugari, while we wait for one season to close and the next to open.

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