Video: ZEISS Victory experience. Rifle hunting in Canada, in British Columbia

Zeiss for the optics, Sauer for the carbines, Härkila for the clothings and accessories.

The three companies have gahtered into a collaboration to realize this hunting video, telling about an hunting experience, for all those fascinated by rifle hunting, with rifle and scope.

Hunting in Canada, in the British Columbia

In this video the landscapes talk for themlseves.

We see the new Sauer 404 rifle, equipped with the Zeiss Victory V8 rifle scope, then we have a Zeiss SF binocular, and the excellent Härkila clothing.

The only problem: this is not a real hunting video, or at least, not an action one, as many hunters would expect. It is mostly an emotional advertising video for the three brands. Animals are barely visible, but we do not have any action.

We are not completely sure this is what hunters usually look for in an hunting video... but rifle hunting is also this: made of long searches in beautyful landscapes, and endless silences.

By the way, the landscapes are all there, as well as the desire to go hunting in Canada.

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