Video: hunting woodpigeon in the fields

Benelli Colombo
The Benelli Colombo, the semiauto specifically designed for hunting woodpigeon. Elegant, light and precise, with a non-reflective coating so it will not catch the eye of this wary game.

Wood Pigeon, the pigeon of the woods, this is the name given to ringdove all over the world. It is only logical that the significant expansion of woodland areas in recent years, especially in Southern Italy, has favored the development of huge, and sometime enormous numbers of woodpigeon that have become all but sedentary.

Fiocchi Excellence Pigeon, with the plastic cartridge case showing a wood pigeon in flight.
Fiocchi Pigeon, the 12-gauge 37-gram cartridge designed for hunting woodpigeon. Available with No. 7/6 and 5 shot.

A serious problem for certain types of farming, a great resource for hunters right from the start of the season, as you can shoot ringdoves in your local area from day one, sure to live the thrill of that pure hunting spirit. The technique used is a little different to that used during the October migratory passage, and it is great fun, just like other techniques used to hunt wild game that have defensive systems that make them very hard to get the better of.

So here we are hunting woodpigeon in the field. A new type of hunting that has become a tradition, with its decoys and bird calls, carousels, whirlies and flappers, camouflage clothing and the very best guns and ammo, for these magnificent blue birds. For more information and techniques on how to practice this particular sport, nothing could be better than a great video from Lugari Video, as ever packed full of thrills.

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