Video: hunting wood pigeon from a stand

In the first light of dawn on those early October mornings, the trees near flyways barely move as if inspired by something different, voices that whisper in hope, eyes searching the horizon.

It’s time to hunt from your stand. After waiting so long for the migration and preparing the trap, dreams become reality. Techniques of old combine with the latest inventions, flappers, decoys, rollers and lofting poles.

The protagonists are still the same, carefully trained pigeons and the wood pigeon of course, silhouetted against the clear skies of this season, making the hidden hunter tremble in anticipation, hoping for success and that the trap has been well laid. The show is about to begin once again. 

Traditionalists wait for the migrating flocks to land near a hide, while others challenge the wood pigeon by shooting the birds in flight.

Breaking cover at the very last moment is essential to avoid ruining all the good work done by our hunting companions and decoys. The flock of wood pigeon has taken the bait and swoops decisively down towards the stands. It’s finally time to shoot, the first shot calmly well aimed, getting off a difficult second shot as the birds flee.

It’s an ancient hunting technique that’s still as valid as ever, very popular in Central Italy and also practiced using similar but slightly different methods in France and Spain. The Lugari video cameras have been filming the wood pigeon hunters in their stands for years to share these thrills. This video was shot in Tuscany, one of the most popular regions with flocks of migratory wood pigeon on the flyways between staging posts, and therefore ideal for hunting this game.

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