Video: hunting with the English Pointer

recovery and retrieving of pointer
The English Pointer: recovery and retrieving, with solid gun dog skills and natural consent, make the Pointer a game specialist on even the most difficult terrain.
The english pointer is a pointing dog
The statuesque and expressive posture of the Pointer emphasises the athletic and powerful body of the dog. 

Power, one of the first words that springs to mind when you see a Pointer in action on a hunt; fast and eager to explore every place the game could have gone to ground. 

It is a very versatile dog, but it could never be called generic. The Pointer is perfect for hunters who wish for nothing less than the style and aesthetic qualities of a beautiful and expressive dog at work. 

The wonderful feeling you have when hunting with a dog like this means you can be sure to have given everything you have got; the dog's passion is contagious and our senses will be fully aroused, turning feelings into concrete thrills when the game explodes into view. 


When the Pointer stops dead and points, it is impossible not to be charmed by the dog's look as if it is saying "it's there" as it points to the game, making it hard to miss. 

A reliable gun dog, the pointer has what it takes to become an outstanding specialist in real game hunting; the finest hunting dog of all. 

Born and bred in the boundless open Highlands where the dog was used to hunt grouse, the Pointer has adapted to more intricate and difficult terrain, still keeping its stride, while developing a connection and completeness that includes recovery and retrieval of the game in the dog's skill set, making it the perfect companion for many types of hunt, always at its master's side when hunting woodcock in the woods or mountains. 

Video: English Pointer

english pointer pointing rock partridge
Bred to hunt wide open spaces, the Pointer has adapted to a wide variety of environments and different game without losing any of its character and eagerness for the hunt

Even with the obvious difficulties the dog had to face when adapting to environments so different to its own, the Pointer won the praise of dog handlers and hunters alike, who know just what the dog's work is worth, whilst respecting the standards, speed, passion and resourcefulness that are very much a part of this dog. 

Walking the land with your Pointer, letting the dog's enthusiasm and hunting style fuel your passion, letting the dog follow its instincts; the beginning of a hugely satisfying hunting adventure you will wish will never end. We hope you enjoy the video offered by Necon Pet Food and its Atletic Dog food line. 

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