Video: Driven wild boar hunt

Hunting wild boar on a driven hunt with bloodhounds has become the form of hunting wild boar "par excellence" throughout all of Mediterranean Europe. 

The first example of this technique was the “caccerella” (small hunt) used in Tuscany and the Maremma area in general, where vast lowland Mediterranean scrub forests were kept as game reserves to maintain large numbers of boars.

Environmental changes, with the countryside being progressively abandoned and the subsequent large-scale reforestation, led to boar breeding wild in many different areas.

Pedersoli Boarbuster lever-action hunting rifle
The Boarbuster, a lever-action hunting rifle made by Davide Pedersoli for instinctive (point) shooting when hunting boar in the woods.
A pack of RWS Silver Selection ammo
RWS Silver Selection 30-06 caliber ammunition, one of the most popular used in boar hunting.

The technique used is well known, with stands and beaters, rifled slugs and carbines, packs of bloodhounds “baying” amongst forts and forests, with lightning-fast shots that are never easy to take in the thrill of the moment when the “black beast” charges.

Many have written and sung about it, but no one has ever told the tale better than in this video by Gianni Lugari and his team, now an official partner.

Video: Driven wild boar hunt

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