VIDEO: Hunting and cooking with Franchi

The desire for freedom, a passion for authentic flavours and the pleasure of spending time with your friends and their hunting dogs — from the woods, to cooking, and to the table: this is hunting, and it forms the idea behind our new column dedicated to cooking, and to companies like Franchi, who make passion for the outdoors and hunting their all-round philosophy of life.

Using Franchi's own hunting shotguns — from the elegant, small-bore, side-by-side Esprit shotgun and the over-and-under Feeling shotgun, up to semi-automatic models such as the Affinity and Intensity — we took on, and thoroughly enjoyed, a few days worth of hunting in company of our dogs. We therefore had the way of thoroughly testing the effectiveness and appeal of these weapons, and then topped everything off with some cooking, using recipes dedicated to wild game hunting. 

In the first episode of "Hunting and cuisine", we explore quail hunting with pointers — and how to serve such an excellent game along with a magnificent risotto. Later on, we had some fun with the 28-gauge Franchi Esprit side-by-shotgun and explored some healthy ingredients for a refined dish with a real, authentic flavour. Enjoy the show! We hope that the hunting season that has just started will give you plenty of satisfaction and pleasure, from the great outdoors to the table...

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