The world of Fausti

Hunting; at first it was a physiological need, now above all it is a question of spirit. 

It is a passion that is contagious for anyone who finds themselves swept up in this lifestyle; a different way to relate to the thrills that nature can bring. It is an enthusiasm and a love for all things beautiful and an adventure to share with those who truly understand. 

Enthralled by a rising sun, walking in silence beside a friend who simply knows, without the need for words, the satisfaction of a good hunt with your dogs, these are exclusive feelings that relate to a parallel world still governed by authentic values, far from the frenetic hustle and bustle of every-day life. 

And in this, every part, every object we take with us on these outings into freedom becomes a symbol and a trusted companion, our gun, nothing more and nothing less. The gun a hunter chooses to hold in his or her hands on a daily basis is a sort of talisman, the embodiment of that same hunter's passion in both technical and aesthetic terms. Meeting the needs of this demanding group of dreamers is a challenge the Fausti sisters have always taken up with success.

Fucili Fausti attention to detail
The attention to detail and the exclusive handwork on Fausti shotguns gives a hunter a unique gun designed to satisfy their very own desires

Since 1948, Fausti has been putting passion and care into their fine hunting and competition guns, marvelous expressions of an age-old tradition in manual skills combined with the latest technology. 

Over/under and side-by-side double-barreled shotguns, and a modern line of Fausti semiautomatic rifles, the result of major technical and aesthetic innovations, offers those who are lucky enough to own such a gun the knowledge that they are holding a small piece of history in their hands, the history of modern sports guns made to last and acquire value in time, generation after generation, a must in anyone's gun collection. 

Established by Sir Stefano Fausti, the company is currently run by his three daughters Elena, Giovanna and Barbara. 

The mission of the company is still the same: to create a gun designed specifically for the hunter, which exactly meets that hunter's particular requirements in terms of performance and aesthetics. Guns perfectly suited to the customer's ergonomic requirements with technical characteristics dedicated to the type of hunting most loved. 

Fausti guns can be purchased directly from the works, or from the finest Italian gun shops.  

There is always a smile waiting to welcome the hunter who more often than not becomes a friend of Fausti. In the entrance hall you can admire all the main gun models produced, and you will know you have entered a world where the idea of hunting is an exclusive, knowledgeable and elegant concept. With the help of consultants, you can order your very own model, with tailor-made stock and engraving. 

Fausti modern technology
Experience and passion for the handwork of master craftsmen and women and the highly qualified staff combines with the precision of modern numeric control technology used to make the guns

Modern numeric control machines are used to manufacture all the mechanical components so they are interchangeable; sophisticated instruments used in meticulous controls guarantee total quality and reliability. 
Assembly, setting, mounting and all the finishing work on the gun are all done by hand by the most qualified craftsmen and women. 
Renowned the whole world over, the classic side-by-side and the exclusive over/under Fausti shotguns are the expression of the very highest quality and aesthetic standards set off by the finest materials and made truly unique by refined hand finishes.

Barbara and Giovanna Fausti
The characteristics of Fausti guns are highly appreciated by many distinguished hunters who have made their name with these guns on their hunting adventures to every corner of the world. In the photo, the sisters Barbara and Giovanna Fausti with their endorsers Daniele Cecchetti and Giovanni Pierotti

The concept of the guns is that of a weapon designed to meet the requirements of modern, ethical and sports hunting, where it is the way we hunt and not just the result that matters. 

It is this philosophy on which Fausti's particular attention to smaller gauges is based, meaning the hunter has one more reason to enjoy the challenge of game hunting. 

Not by chance, famous hunters over the years have made an exclusive choice to use Fausti guns and become the endorsers of the brand throughout the world. These are men who bring absolute value to hunting in terms of the example they set, who have hunted a variety of game in the widest range of environments that can be found in the wild. Their satisfaction is fully expressed and confirmed, adventure after adventure. 

It is the worthy result of a success story that started as a dream based in tradition, a story that continues to be told thanks to the professional qualities and meticulous attention to detail that have become the unmistakable mark of Fausti guns Made in Italy, a sign of quality and style to be found nowhere else in the world. 

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