International RWS Shooting Day 2017 before IWA incl. video

As usual, the 5th International RWS Shooting Day 2017 took place one day before the official opening of the IWA OutdoorClassics 2017 on March 2nd. Renowned manufacturers from the hunting industry present their innovations at the RUAG Ammotec GmbH factory site in Fürth. What is special about this is that the invited journalists can test the new products, weapons, optics and ammunition live the day before the international trade fair.

RWS Shooting Day 2017 on the grounds of RUAG Ammotec GmbH

RUAG Tipis at the RWS Shooting Day
The RWS Shooting Day 2017 traditionally takes place at the RUAG Ammotec GmbH factory premises.

At the RWS Shooting Day 2017, visitors will be able to benefit from numerous advantages on the RUAG Ammotec GmbH factory premises. In addition to the production sites of the well-known RWS ammunition, there are four shooting ranges. The invited guests meet beside a 70 m and a 100 m shooting range on an open 300 m range and a spectacular 500 m indoor shooting range. Here, approximately 35 journalists have the opportunity to shoot the latest hunting weapons for the first time. Since the new product innovations are presented at the IWA from March 3rd to 6th, but cannot be tested, the few places on the RWS Shooting Day are always highly coveted.

In addition to the four shooting ranges, Härkila, Mauser and Spartan Precision Equipment show their current products in American-Indian tipis. 

We would like to introduce the products and innovations of the participating companies from the 5th International RWS Shooting Day 2017.

New products by the Companies during RWS Shooting Day 2017

New from RWS: Speed Tip Professional bullet in additional calibers and the new 10.3 x 68 Magnum

RWS extends the new RWS Speed Tip Professional bullet with the 30's calibers. The Speed Tip Professional was introduced in the Caliber .338 Lapua Magnum in 2016 and allows for shooting and hunting at long distances. In addition, the bullet guarantees a high penetration capability and a high stopping power. The RWS Speed Tip Professional reliably covers variable game weights at distances of up to 400 m. The bullet is now added in the popular caliber sizes .308 Win., .30-06 Spring. and .300 Win. Mag.

RWS presented a completely new caliber 10.3 x 68 Magnum at the RWS Shooting Day 2017. Under the term "SmartMagnum" the ammunition manufacturer redefines comfortable shooting in the magnum class. The magnified bullet cross-section ensures a high impact in the body and the different bullet weights make the caliber exceptionally variable. The new 10.3 x 68 Magnum is available as a lead-free variant with EVO Green bullet or as with Speed Tip Professional Bullet. Bullet weights of 11 g to 26 g are possible - making the 10.3 x 68 mag. a cartridge suitable for small domestic game as well as for big game in Africa. 

For further information about the new hunting ammunition, click here.

The hunting ammunition RWS 10.3 x 68 Magnum
The new hunting ammunition RWS 10.3 x 68 Magnum was presented to the journalists at RWS Shooting Day 2017.

New from GECO: new riflescopes and binoculars

At the RWS Shooting Day 2017, GECO presented the new optics to the journalists at the 300 m outdoor course. GECO presented different riflescopes for different target groups with the three classes of GECO, GECO Gold and GECO Black. The glasses range from the Red Dot over drive hunt binocular and high-quality premium riflescope for hunters, to tactical riflescopes for sportsmen and professionals. The GECO Black contains the riflescopes with special tactical reticule versions. The GECO Gold classes comprises all premium models for hunting and in GECO, entry-level models are offered at an unbeatable price/performance ratio.

New riflescopes from GECO at RWS Shooting Day 2017
At the RWS Shooting Day 2017, GECO presented new riflescopes in the variants GECO, GECO Gold and GECO Black.
The GECO Gold Series riflescopes
The GECO Gold classes comprises all premium models for hunting.
GECO Gold Series binoculars
At the RWS Shooting Day 2017, GECO also showed the new GECO Gold classes binoculars.
International RWS Shooting Day 2017 before the IWA Trade Fair
At the RWS Shooting Day, the journalists could test the GECO gold binoculars by themselves.

GECO also presented its brand new classes of binoculars. The GECO classes binoculars offer high-quality optics as an entry-level variant at an unbeatable price-performance ratio. The GECO binoculars are available in models 8x32, 10x32, 8x42 and 10x42. 

The GECO Gold classes offers HD glasses in the absolute premium class. Magnesium casing and aluminum eye cups make the binoculars robust and light at the same time. The GECO Gold binoculars are available in the models 8x42, 10x42, 8.5x50, 10x50 and 12.5x50. In addition, GECO has a ten-year warranty on the Gold classes!

New from Leica: Visus 1-4x24 i LW riflescopes for drive hunts

New riflescope Visus 1-4x24 i LW from Leica
On the RWS Shooting Day 2017, Leica presented the new riflescope Visus 1-4x24 i LW for drive hunts.

At the RWS Shooting Day 2017, Leica demonstrated the new Leica Visus 1-4x24 i LW drive hunt riflescope under the motto "Northern Classics" on the 70 m range. The optics manufacturer is thus expanding the Visus series with a new model. It is specially designed for the needs of drive hunts. Thus the riflescopes can be used with a 4-fold magnification as a reflex or red dot sight. This guarantees a fast detection and safe response in the event of a drive hunt. The optics provide high contrast and good color correction. The Leica Visus 1-4x24 i LW is available in glossy finish with anodized aluminum or matte finish with sand-blasted, hard anodized aluminum upon request.

For further information about the new Leica riflescope, click here.

New from ZEISS: riflescope series Conquest V6

At the RWS Shooting Day 2017, the large optics manufacturer ZEISS presented the brand new Conquest V6 riflescope series on the 100 m stage. The V6 series is the successor model of the Conquest DL series from ZEISS and is offered in three variants: as a drive hunting riflescope in 1.1-6x24, as an all-round riflescope for hunting in 2-12x50 and as a riflescope for long distances the ZEISS Conquest V6 2.5-15x56.

The new ZEISS riflescopes are reliable and extremely robust. The casings are made of anodized aluminum with a special LotuTec coating and are available with a quick-release adjustment (ASV). The two models 2-12x50 and 2.5-15x56 have ZEISS FL lenses in the lens. This makes the glasses even more detailed and high contrast.

New riflescope series Conquest V6 from ZEISS 
On the RWS Shooting Day 2017, ZEISS presented the new riflescope series Conquest V6 in various models.
ZEISS Conquest Riflescope
The ZEISS Conquest riflescope mountaed on a Blaser Professional Success at RWS Shooting Day.

New from KAHLES: Helia riflescope for hunting

At the 5th International RWS Shooting Day, the Austrian traditional company KAHLES presented the new Helia riflescope series. The range consists of three models: Helia 1-5x24i for the movement hunting, Helia 2-10x50i for stalking and Helia 2.4-12x56i for the sitting game. 

Each model offers no more but no less than the optimum functionality and performance for the respective application area. The high-performance optical system fascinates by high contrast and extraordinary edge sharpness. All models of the Helia series have coated lenses and illuminated day/night reticles in the second focal plane with intelligent automatic switch-off. The new optics are available starting May 2017.

The new Helia riflescope series from KAHLES 
At the RWS Shooting Day 2017, KAHLES presented the new Helia riflescope series.

New from Blaser: Bolt-action rifle R8 in 10.3 x 68 Mag., silencer and Argali 3.0 hunting apparel

Silencer "Moderator" from Blaser 
Blaser presented the silencer "Moderator" at the RWS Shooting Day 2017.

Blaser had the R8 Professional Success in the new RWS caliber 10.3 x 68 Magnum on the 100 m indoor shooting range at the start. This makes Blaser the first weapon manufacturer to have a repeating rifle in the new caliber. Equipped with the new Conquest V6 riflescope from ZEISS and ammunition from RWS, the invited journalists were able to extensively test the bolt-action rifle. 

Furthermore, the company presented the 2017 autumn/winter collection of its Argali 3.0 functional apparel. The jacket and pants come in olive and brown tones and are available for both men and women. A sensational feature of the new functional clothing is the fact that they are made from 60% renewable materials. 

The company completes its product presentation with the Blaser Moderator silencer. The silencer for hunting is made of aluminum and titanium, which makes it very light but extremely robust. Weighing only 325 g, the Blaser is one of the lightest silencers on the market.

New from Mauser: M12 and M03 hunting repeaters in new models and M98 standard

Repeating rifles from Mauser 
Mauser showed the repeating rifles M12, M03 and M98 at the RWS Shooting Day 2017.

Mauser presented the latest models of his popular M12 hunting repeaters in tipis on the premises of RUAG Ammotec GmbH: PURE and EXPERT. The repeaters have a sporty shaft with a long pistol grip and a German cheek rest. The PURE model is with 2nd grade stock wood class, the EXPERT model has a luxurious wooden shaft in class 5.

Mauser had also issued the M03 repeating rifle in the new model versions PURE, EXPERT and DIPLOMAT. The three variants differ in their wood class: PURE in stock wood class 2, EXPERT in stock wood class 5 and DIPLOMAT in high stock wood class 7. The prices of each class are different.

As an eye-catcher, Mauser still had a reborn legend: the Mauser M98 Standard. After two years of development, Mauser presented the M98 in a revised version. The appearance of the timeless, original repeater is retained; the system; the trigger and the barrel are manufactured with the latest technology. The Mauser M98 Standard is also available in the variants EXPERT, with stock wood class 5, and DIPLOMAT, with stock wood class 7.

Other companies at RWS Shooting Day 2017

Under the motto "Northern Classics", Merkel presented the new drift hunting specialist Merkel RX.Helix with new riflescopes from Leica and ammunition from RWS on the 70 m range. The straight-line repeater is available in various versions with high-quality wooden shaft or synthetic stock. Furthermore, Merkel showed the K3 single barrel rifle with new caliber variants. With the Merkel SR1 Basic Silencer and new hunting gear, Merkel is also entering the market of accessories for hunting. 

Norma "Diamond Line" in .338 and .300
At the RWS Shooting Day 2017, Norma showed the "Diamond Line" in .338 Norma Magnum and .300 Norma Magnum caliber.

The Swedish ammunition manufacturer Norma presented a brand-new caliber at the 5th International RWS Shooting Day 2017: the .338 norma Magnum The strong caliber is particularly suitable for hunting at great distances and was shown on the 500 m indoor shooting range. Here, we could even try out the new hunting cartridges and were thrilled. The bullet has enough power for big game hunting.

Sauer presented its current hunting repeater on the RWS Shooting Day 2017, starting with the entry-level model Sauer S100 up to the Sauer S404 Synchro XTC with synthetic shaft. We were able to shoot and test the hunting rifles from Sauer at the 300 m outdoor range with the latest look from GECO. 

International RWS Shooting Day 2017 before the IWA Trade Fair
At the RWS Shooting Day 2017, Härkila showed a wide range of different functional clothing for hunting

Härkila presented the latest collection of functional clothing, shoes and practical rucksacks for hunting in American-Indian tipis at the RWS Shooting Day. The new PH range series was inspired by professional hunting guides from Africa and is therefore more for the summer. The clothing line consists of robust yet lightweight functional clothing. For the autumn and winter, Härkila brings out the anniversary edition of the Pro Hunter series with new jacket and trousers. In addition, Härkila presented the new clothing series Moose Hunter. The light and waterproof GORE-TEX hunting gear has the new Mossy Oak Break-Up Country camouflage pattern. When the hunter crosses rivers on a great hunt and stands in the ice-cold rain for hours, that is precisely the clothing you want to wear. 

The English company Spartan Precision Equipment presented high-quality double-bipods made of aluminum from aircraft construction and carbon fiber. The Javelin bipods are suitable for hunters as well as sportsmen and are particularly light yet robust. The compact Javelin bipod is extremely resilient, but weighs less than a smartphone on average and is quick to mount. 

These were the most important innovations at a glance from the 5th International RWS Shooting Day 2017. Here at, we will provide you with comprehensive information and technical features of the new products. We would like to thank the promoters and organizers for the smooth running of the great event. We would love to come back next year!

Group photo at RWS Shooting Day 2017
The RWS Shooting Day 2017 was a great event with over 35 journalists and large companies.

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