Leica Sport Optics with a new website for hunters

With its rich tradition, the LEICA Camera AG company from Wetzlar stands for German engineering and wants to present its innovative sport optics products to customers and all interested parties. On the company's Sport Optics Website, Leica showcases its portfolio of high-aperture telescopes, rifle scopes, spotting scopes, and laser rangefinders. The products are presented in three sub-categories:

Leica Experiencing Nature

Experience nature directly and intensively — that's what Leica's optical products promise. In this section, you will find telescopes, spotting scopes, and information on the topic of birding. In addition, Leica is also one of the few premium manufacturers who offer all digiscoping devices from a single source; i.e. everything you can use to capture nature in images.

Experiencing Leica Hunting

In the Hunting section, you will find rifle scopes such as the Magnus or Visus i, rangefinders, telescopes for hunting, spotting scopes, and nifty information on these products. Here too, you can find out which Leica rifle scopes are best for which types of hunting, or try out the Leica ballistics program. The program calculates the exact adjustment of the reticule based on the data provided for load and distance. It allows you to calculate the trajectory of almost all ammunition types, and takes into account a great number of parameters that are relevant for hunting, such as distance, height of line of sight, temperature, and height.

leica ballistic program on the site
The Leica ballistics program can display the exact settings for the reticule.

Leica Lifestyle & Leisure

The last Leica Sport Optics section covers compact telescopes and special telescope editions — including telescopes in various colours — trusty companions for special moments that allow you to observe events as if you were right there. 

The Leica Hunting Blog

The Leica Hunting Blog is all about the passion for the hunt. Avid huntsmen or huntswomen can describe their experiences with Leica products here. These short anecdotes recount emotional experiences written by hunters for hunters. Drop by and experience special moments with other hunters or share your own stories with others. 

Blog Leica
The Leica Hunting Blog: Experiences from hunters, for hunters

Leica on social media

Apart from the Hunting Blog, Leica is also represented on social media in the hunting arena: Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Pinterest, YouTube, Vimeo and Instagram. This is where you will find videos, images, and the latest information on Leica products related to hunting.

Also, don't forget to have a look at all4hunter's Facebook page and YouTube channel! They only have product reviews and tests on the latest, but also past Leica products.

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