Video trailer: Hunting with Krieghoff in Namibia

The film follows the passionate hunters Henrik Lott, Kai-Uwe and Hagen Denker while tracking kudu in the Erongo Mountains of Namibia. Elusive animals, kudu are also called “grey ghosts of the mountain” in their native lands. Their habitat is rough and wild, and stalking the animals is physically demanding. But it rewards the hunter with an unforgettable experience, breathtaking landscapes and the profound insight that hunting is the purest and most honest form of our existence, and today presents the only way to protect areas against the destruction wrought by civilization.

Hunting serves to protect and preserve nature.

Sebastian Steinbrink-Minami’s film crew followed the hunters for twelve days on their adventure through the Erongo Mountains in Namibia to shoot “Erongo – The grey ghost of the mountain”. The region is well-protected against the ravaging effects of human civilization, and is home to several exotic species such as black rhinos, black nose impalas, Hartlaub’s francolin, leopards, dik-diks, Hartmann’s mountain zebra and many species of wildfowl.

The full-length feature will be released on the Krieghoff YouTube channel in fall 2016.

Krieghoff hunting rifles

Krieghoff Classic Big Five
The Krieghoff Classic Big Five side-by-side is ideal for hunting big game in Africa

Embarking on the adventure of an African hunt requires the right combination of weapon and ammunition when stalking dangerous wild game. In the Krieghoff Classic "Big Five" double rifle, the richly traditional company offers impressive engineering in a classic style for the large calibers used to hunt big game. The "Big Five" has all the attributes of the legendary safari rifles from the golden era of African hunting. Visit for more information on the Krieghoff Classic Double Rifle.

Krieghoff offers the drillings in the Optima and Trumpf series in their classic form and as a double rifle drilling for hunting scenarios. The Optima 20 is available as a "Big Five" double rifle drilling in the big game calibers up to .500/.416 N.E.

The Krieghoff Hubertus single shot break action rifle is light, short and wonderfully responsive. Kings and poachers alike once appreciated the benefits of a single shot rifle. Perhaps it is the restriction to a single shot that emphasizes the seriousness of hunting. The first and only shot has to take down the game and bag the coveted trophy.

There are many different sides and facets to hunting. Configured as an over-and-under combination rifle/shotgun, a two-caliber double rifle combination or an over-and-under double rifle, the Krieghoff Ultra 20 can turn any hunting opportunity into a success. Its slender shape makes the Ultra 20 particularly responsive and precise.

You will find additional information and an overview of Krieghoff’s hunting weapons on the Krieghoff website.

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