HIT Show 2018: date and program of the fair in Italy

The next edition of the HIT Show (Fiera di Vicenza, Italy, February 10-12, 2018), the international trade fair for hunting, outdoor, sports shooting, personal safety and hunting dogs organized by Italian Exhibition Group, promises to be full of content.

More than 40,000 visitors are expected this year to the largest trade fair and exhibition in Italy.

all4hunters.com at the HIT Show 2018 in Italy

Of course we can not miss such a big event. That's why all4shooters.com and all4hunters.com will be present with a booth at the HIT Show 2018 from February 10-12. Visit us at the fair and get in touch with us!

HIT Show 2018
At HIT Show you have the opportunity of attending shooting and hunting dogs contests, major meetings and educational events, and shop in the large retail area.

The calendar of the international fair will propose in-depth analysis of issues related to hunting, training courses for 'insiders' and for all enthusiasts, and exhibitions of the best hunting dog breeds. 

In addition, all well-known companies present their current and new products in the sectors of hunting and sporting weapons, optics, accessories, ammunition, outdoor equipment and dogs.

HIT Show 2018: ANPAM inaugural conference

The HIT Show 2018 will be opened by the traditional conference organized by Anpam (the Italian national association of manufacturers of arms and ammunition). "Italians and guns: between production and detention" will be the title of the meeting, which will investigate the legal aspects related to hunting with the scientific and academic contribution of important personalities of the sector. The appointment is Saturday February 10, at 10.00 am inside the HIT ARENA, the great news and nerve center of the calendar of meetings.

Lorenzo Cagnoni, IEG President, and Stefano Fiocchi, ANPAM President, will be entrusted with the initial greetings of the congress works.

Sector data will be presented by Professors Fabio Musso and Marco Cioppi (Carlo Bo University of Urbino), with an update on companies and competitiveness of the Italian armaments sector and a focus on sector dynamics, economic and occupational weight of manufacturing companies and related industries.

An in-depth analysis on the issues of legal detention of firearms and public security will be proposed by the intervention of Professor Paolo de Nardis (La Sapienza University of Rome).

To follow, the talk-meeting entitled “A caccia di pregiudizi” ("Hunting for prejudices") by the UNA Onlus Foundation, with the journalist Giuseppe Cruciani who will launch his recent book I fasciovegani, and Ettore Prandini (Vice president of Coldiretti). The book launch will be a useful opportunity to look into the themes of a balanced and correct attitude towards the relationship between man and animals. Marino Smiderle (Il Giornale di Vicenza) will be the moderator.

Italian Delegation of the CIC meeting

The annual meeting of the Italian delegation of the CIC (International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation) will take place in the Giotto A Room at 11.00 am on Saturday, February 10, as part of the annual HIT meetings for associations. Along with Italian and foreign speakers, the International President of the Council, George Aman will attend. In addition to reports of the activities carried out, the program includes specific interventions on the various areas where the Italian delegation has a strong commitment not only for the association purposes, but also to protect biodiversity. This issue  includes the whole chain and concerns land management methods from agriculture to mountain environments, the management of plants cutting, an organized environmental culture, and the maintenance of rivers and waterways.

Individual Protection: schedule of meetings and training courses

Simulations with pistol
Some courses will be aimed at a specialized public, from the military and local police to security guards, with technical insights held by professionals.

Some courses will be aimed at a specialized audience, from the military to local police and security guards, with technical insights held by professionals. These courses will all take place in the Canova Hall 8.1.

Saturday 10 February, at 10.00-11.00 am and 1.00-2.00 pm Massimo Mari, instructor of the Guardia di Finanza, Idpa and Iasa specialist in defensive shooting, will lead the conference about the tactical use of handguns, on holsters and ballistic protections, shooting in movement and exploitation of cover. On the same day, at 2.30-3.30 pm and 5.00-6.00 pm, "Flashlights defensive use" will be the title of the meeting held by Davide Mantovan, lawyer criminologist, expert in self-defense techniques and methods, as well as Uits instructor.

On Sunday 11 February, at 10-11 am and 1.00-2.00 pm, the tactical use of shotguns will be illustrated in depth by Roberto Vezzoli, a police officer and Ipsc shotgun world champion. The shotgun is a versatile weapon with enormous potential in various operational areas, from the use of non-lethal ammunition to selective shooting with slug ammunition.

On Monday 12 February, Alain Della Savia, the Italian shooter also known as 'the pianist with the gun' because of his passion for music, will explain the secrets of practical reloading in a specific course.

The schedule of events open to the entire audience of visitors and hunting/shooting fans is rich and varied, too. These events will take place inside the centrally-positioned HIT Arena. Here all those who are interested can learn the correct techniques and practices in the use of weapons and ammunition, always being up-to-date on new products. The meetings will focus on important issues: the safe handling of shooting and hunting firearms, the importance of feeling protected at home, travel risk management, basic and advanced courses of long-range rifle and courses of practical reloading (only the latter will be held in the Canova Hall). Long range shooting (even over 1,000 meters) is a discipline that is experiencing considerable popularity in Italy, thanks to the performance of the Italian Aitld  athletes too.

Of great importance will be the conference on the promotion of sports shooting among young people, scheduled for Sunday 11 February at 10.00-13.00 am in the Tiziano A Room. Special guests will be Roberto Di Donna, gold medalist in Atlanta 1996 in the P10 and currently a Uits coach for young people, Jessica Rossi, gold in London 2012 in the Women's Trap, Sergio Carella and Adriano Lonardi (Fitav), creators of the project "Linea Verde – Tiro a volo nella scuola” (“Shooting Sports for the school"), Felice Buglione, president of the Italian Federation of sporting and hunting disciplines who presented an interesting project to Coni, during the conference entitled "Promoting the shooting: comparing experiences", organized by Massimo Vallini, director of “Armi e Tiro” magazine.

Encouraging sports shooting at all levels, especially in schools, is not easy, despite these sports have provided Italy with numerous Olympic and world medals and despite Italy is the most important sporting firearms manufacturer in the world. The conference will therefore offer an opportunity for insiders, enthusiasts and shooters to take stock of the situation, looking for new ways to promote these sports.

The calendar of events is organized by the magazine “Armi e Tiro”. For all meetings, you can make a reservation through the armietiro.it website.

HIT DOG SHOW, a great event for families

HIT DOG SHOW in Vicenza
HIT DOG SHOW is a canine exhibition very much appreciated by families and children.

1,500 dogs of different breeds await visitors and their families at the spectacular HIT Dog Show, organized in collaboration with the Circolo Cinofilo Vicentino (Vicenza Dog Club). Saturday 10 February the Hall 4 will host the 41st National Dog Show of Vicenza CAC (Certificate of Attitude to the Championship) for groups 3-4-6 only, while the 41st National Dog Show of Vicenza CAC for groups 7-8- 10 only will take place on Sunday 11.

The four-legged friends are more and more protagonists: in the limelight are those belonging to the breeds linked to hunting. Not just a national show, but "Special Exhibitions" that allow only the best ones to win the title, achievable only in this type of show, which is essential for obtaining the diploma of Italian Beauty Champion, Social Beauty and Conformity Champion. The curtain of this magnificent runway will open for a growing number of participants coming from all over Italy and abroad, to show the HIT Show audience the best representatives of these hunting breeds, that are useful for their zootechnical selection based on both potentials breeding dogs and respect for animal health and welfare.

FACE MED Meeting

The expected meeting of Face Med will take place on Saturday 10 February at 2.30 pm in the Hall 7.1, Tiziano B Room. Face Med is a group made up of the hunting associations belonging to Face (Federation of Associations for Hunting and Conservation of the European Union) representing the different countries united by similar climatic and geographical characteristics and common areas of interest. Besides Italy, the countries involved are Greece, Malta, France, Spain, Portugal, but also those of the Adriatic coast, involved in the application of the Directives. The working group will address issues related to the recovery of habitats suitable for small sedentary game, the management of migration and the maintenance of traditional hunting forms, typical of the Mediterranean basin area.

Moreover, at the HIT Show 2018, Federcaccia, Enalcaccia, ANUUMigratoristi and Arci Caccia will share a large common booth where they will present themselves to the public of enthusiasts with their activities, individual identities, as well as with the issues that unite them. 

Assoarmieri: national meeting and legal conference

The HIT Show will also host the ASSOARMIERI (Association of European Civil Arms Trade) national meeting, which will be followed by the legal conference entitled "Self-defense and lawful firearms possession: a balance to be defended", scheduled for Sunday 11 February at 11.30 am in the Tiziano B Room. Professor Gian Luigi Gatta (University of Milan), Biagio Mazzeo (Public Prosecutor at the Court of Lanusei), Emanuele Paniz (ballistic expert) and Major Giuseppe Bertoli (Commander of the Provincial Command Investigative Department of the Carabinieri of Vicenza) will plumb the legal and judicial depths related to self-defense. The lawyer Antonio Bana will moderate the meeting. It's a conference that renews the commitment of Assoarmieri, showed at the last edition of HIT Show on the occasion of its 70th anniversary, in discussing and going deeper into the subject related to gun and ammo laws in its many nuances.

For more information please visit https://www.hit-show.com/en/  and the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/HITShowIEG/ .


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