Video: hunting hares with bloodhounds

A pack of Italian bloodhounds
A pack of shorthaired Italian bloodhounds, classic hare hunting companions.

Hunting hares with bloodhounds is perhaps the oldest type of traditional hunting of all. The first portrayals of these hunting scenes were by Paolo Uccello, the great early Renaissance painter, in his Battle of San Romano paintings: in the foreground knights in armor make ready for battle, while bloodhounds chase hares in the hills with hunters waiting to shoot their crossbows!

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Hunting for hunting’s sake, and also as a way to “get away from it all”, has always been a part of our lives.

And the only thing that has really changed, apart from the selection of dog breeds to bring out particular characteristics, is the weapon with which you hunt your own preferential game, which in this case is the hare!

And where there is tradition, there is also passion, culture and feeling.

A passion for everything that makes this particular type of hunting so magical, triggered by the manic baying of the hounds, which has always made one's blood run hot while the mind tries to imagine and savor what is happening.

Culture, because in the repetition of an act lies the sanctity of the custom, of the cult in its purest sense.

Feeling, because it is for love of all this that one becomes a hunter in the first place, and continues to hunt for the rest of one's life.

You have to prepare things so they will be ready on the day, training the dogs, monitoring the territory and looking after your equipment.

We always dream about hunting even when the hunting season is closed, and this has never been more true thanks to great videos such as those by Lugari.

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