Exchange Hunt, a new website for hunting exchanges

Knowing new people that speaks your own language even when they live on the other side of the world − the language of the passion for nature and outdoors, for hunting and fishing − and people who share and understand your dreams, and maybe gives you a possibility to realize some of them. A way − in these times of dire economic straits − to optimize hunting travel expenses while at the same time getting accustomed with the culture of other Countries and to spread yours.

That's what Exchange Hunt is all about: a "hunting travels exchange" website that provides an easy step-by-step registration. Each user should provide his or her own data and state the type of hunting and game he or she prefers. Other users from other Countries and even continents will do the same, so any user can make arrangements to be hosted by a local hunter when traveling abroad to practice his or her sport − a host that may become a friend, that will lead us to see and live his or her favourite hunting places, giving us a whole new way to live the feeling of these encounters.

Exchange Hunt: the new website for travelling hunters!
Registering to Exchange Hunt is quick and easy

Not just hunting experiences, though: the simple touristic side of any travel can be lived in a whole new simple, genuine way, entering in contact with the everyday life of a true and traditional family.

Exchange Hunt is not meant to replace the professional work of hunting travel agencies, which are still a "Must" for many hunters who travel abroad to practice their sport; nevertheless, it allows hunting travellers to vacation, travel, know and experience something new even while hunting.

As a matter of fact, the website offers destinations and hunting experiences that many travel agencies can't provide, but that most hunters dream of indeed.

At least that's what Daniel Pavlik writes about on the website, regarding his experience in Finland as a guest of two local shooters − Markus and Mika − and their long days spent stalking game such as whitetail deer, black grouses or hazel grouses.

Hosted and escorted by the two hunters, this traveler wrote extensively how, thanks to the website, he has been able to know, and take part to, new hunting experiences such as moose hunting and many, many others.
And many others from all around the world are ready to host and escort foreign hunters eager to know and take part to hunting practices and game from other Countries − such as Davide, from Sicily (Italy).

In any case, registered users get a chance to hunt and to live a totally new experience in history, art, and cuisine... how can you just say No? That's what is here for: helping hunters discover a totally new and different way to travel and hunt.
The main partner for the project is CZ - Česká Zbrojovka A.S., the world-famous Czech-based manufacture of military, Police, defensive, sporting, and hunting guns.

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