Video: hunting ducks and geese in Hungary

The Danube is Europe's second-longest river after the Volga, and it can give waterfowlers some truly unforgettable experiences, deep in the untouched wild, something almost impossible to find elsewhere.  Many migratory species winter or nest in these damp lands, flocking together in huge numbers.

This documentary was filmed by Lugari Video in Hungary, one of the many countries this great river flows through.  On a cold winter’s morning, the hunters in their hides along the river banks hunt various species of duck, predominantly mallard and teal, but also geese. 

The game is hunted with decoys and bird calls used by the hunters to try and entice the waterfowl closer to their hides. 

Due to the size of the game and its often unpredictable flight, the shots fired are never easy, especially in the wind and cold. Whatever’s in the bag, the hunters’ eyes will still be on the spectacular flight of this game, sure to revive a passion fuelled by wonder and excitement here in mother nature’s garden, again and again. 

The whole hunt is available in the specific waterfowlers’ section of the Lugari video library found in the Lugari Pocket App, which you can download to your smartphone and tablet. 

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