Video: duck hunting in marshland

In the wetland of the Chuy Stream in Uruguay, the hunters laid a trap with decoys and a temporary hide in the marsh vegetation. It is a quick and simple technique that works anywhere in the world by exploiting the gregarious habits of waterfowl. The landscape is surreal as the first light of dawn reveals a limitless horizon, colours brought to life by the rising sun, broken only and suddenly by the shadows of the birds in flight. The instinctive shots taken at the ducks flying into the trap are interspaced with carefully aimed long-range shots at the game as it flees, in fleeting moments that seem to last forever. 

And when the action is over, a splendid Labrador to retrieve the game; a retriever is essential for this type of hunt. The marshland works its magic once more, with its exotic flavours and the thrill of the unexpected. To see how the hunt went, just register to use the Lugari Pocket app, and get a head’s start.... Enjoy the film!

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