Video: hunting partridge and pheasant with gun dogs

This is the most popular type of hunting in Italy and other countries too: walked-up game shooting "par excellence" in the south, north and east of Europe. To practice this hunt in the best possible way, many specific gun dogs have been bred, which today play the role of protagonist, specifically continental and English breeds: Setters and Pointers, all the hounds and Brittany gun dogs of course.

Where once you would only find partridge, today you will find mostly pheasant. But the passion has never changed, the dreams remain the same, the will to take joy in all of this with your dogs is the same, anywhere in the world.

And one of the reasons for this is that it is the dogs that play the role of protagonist, together with the countryside that interspersed with cultivated fields and scrubland.

Baschieri & Pellagri MB Tricolor hunting cartridge
The Baschieri & Pellagri MB Tricolor, a traditional cartridge for hunting fine sedentary game

The backdrop is the same as usual and the thrill remains unchanged: a hunter and his hounds, walking the woods with passion for the hunt. Mile after mile in the wind, looking for something that at times seems impossible. Then the dog stops, points, you take aim. After taking your shot the dog retrieves the prey, the end of a timeless rite until the next bird, on those autumn days getting cooler and shorter as they go, the prelude of other thrills to be had as the queen of the woods prepares for migration.

A tasty morsel of all this awaits in this great video by Gianni Lugari.

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