Zeiss Victory SF: lightweight all-round binoculars for hunters

Germany-based Zeiss has carried the extremely lightweight Victory SF binocular models in its product lineup for almost 2 years. Both models are a particularly good choice for hunters. We looked into what makes these models so special and why you should keep them in mind when considering a new purchase in the 2,000 euro price segment.

The two Zeiss Victory SF models are distinguished by their extremely light weight, brilliant images, perfect ergonomics and wide-angle field of view. That's what makes them the ideal all-rounder for all types of hunting. 

ZEISS Victory SF
Zeiss Victory SF: the shift in the center-of-gravity allows for fatigue-free observation

Whether it's a protracted stalk, a challenging hunt abroad or waiting until dusk in a raised hide - the Zeiss Victory SF binoculars, with their superior optical performance and advanced ergonomics, is the perfect companion. Its extremely light weight of just 780 grams and its ErgoBalance design make it particularly well suited for observing wildlife tirelessly for extended periods of time.

Why does the Zeiss Victory SF seem even lighter than it is?

It's quite simple: in contrast to other models, the center-of-gravity is set further back, so the binoculars tend to tilt naturally towards the eye. So they feel lighter, because the center-of-gravity is closer to the eye. Another advantage is that they rest more steadily and easily in the hand, which has a positive effect on viewing. Shaky images are a thing of the past.

The technology: the core of the Zeiss Victory SF binoculars consists of Ultra-FL optics and a lens system that employs two fluoride lenses made with SCHOTT glass.

The completely redesigned 7-element eyepiece with Zeiss field flattener technology produces crystal clear images with sensationally wide fields of view. That's what makes the Victory SF 10x42 and the Victory SF 8x42, with 120 m and 148 m fields of view, respectively, at 1000 meters, unmatched in their class. By comparison: the 8x42 SF has almost the same field of view as the Zeiss 7x42 Dialyt, but with the advantage of higher 8x magnification and a considerable increase in marginal definition and ergonomic comfort. The Victory SF therefore offers a far better overall performance than other binoculars in the same class. 

ZEISS Victory SF
New bridge: The focus wheel on the Zeiss Victory SF is easy to reach even when wearing gloves
ZEISS Victory SF
Zeiss Victory SF binoculars: brilliant contrast together with a wide field-of-view

In contrast to the traditional twin-bridge design, the mechanism in these models is in the bridge over the focus wheel. This makes it easier to operate the focus wheel – even when wearing winter gloves.

And speaking of focusing: Zeiss designed its Victory SF binoculars to reduce the number of turns of the focus wheel required to go from close-in out to maximum range. While conventional binoculars still require 2.5 turns to achieve optimum focus, the Victory SF does it with just 1.8 turns. This makes it easier and more convenient to use. 

Putting them to the best use: the Binoculars Zeiss Victory SF 8x42 and Zeiss Victory SF 10x42 facilitate detailed observation at extreme range. The high-contrast images and ample fields of view make these binoculars the perfect companion for quick scanning in difficult terrain.

ZEISS Victory SF
The Zeiss Victory SF binoculars are available with carrying case

Both Victory SF models from Zeiss are also ideal for birdwatching. Owing to their light weight, unique ergonomics and dynamic fast-focus, the Victory SF models make prolonged observation easy and fatigue-free, says the manufacturer. In the 125-year history of ZEISS binoculars, Victory SF models clearly set new standards for bird and nature watching.

Equipment and prices

Each set of ZEISS Victory SF binoculars is equipped at no extra cost with eyepiece caps, lens caps, a neoprene strap as well as a carrying case for safe transport. The retail price for the 8x42 SF is 2,385 euros - while the 10x42 SF sells for 2,435 euros.

Both models are available, for example, at Frankonia

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Zeiss Victory SF specifications

Lens diameter42 mm42 mm
Viewing lens5,3 mm4,2 mm
Twilight factor18,320,5
Field-of-view at 1000 m148 m120 m
Subjective angle of sight64°65°

Closest focusing distance

1,5 m1,5 m

Diopter adjustment range

+/- 4 dpt+/- 4 dpt

Gap to viewing lens

18 mm18 mm

Lens Type


Prism system



Lotu Tec / T*Lotu Tec / T*

Nitrogen filling


Water resistance

400 mbar400 mbar

Operating temperature

-30°/+63° C-30°/+63° C
Thickness173 mm173 mm


125 mm125 mm


780 g780 g

Price (SRP incl. VAT)

2.385 Euro2.435 Euro

For more information about Zeiss Victory SF binoculars, go directly to the website Zeiss Sport Optics.

Here is a comparison test on the Zeiss Conquest 8x42 HD.

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