ZEISS Victory Pocket binoculars in 8x25 and 10x25

The renowned optics company Carl Zeiss from Wetzlar presented its new premium “Victory Pocket” compact binoculars at the IWA OutdoorClassics 2017. The Pocket is the smallest pair of binoculars from the Victory series and fits in almost every pocket. The ZEISS Victory Pocket is intended for nature lovers, bird watchers and hunters – even for those who just want to have their binoculars  ready at hand.

Features of the ZEISS Victory Pocket binoculars

Despite the small size, ZEISS has succeeded in continuing and integrating the high-quality appearance of the Victory series into the new Pocket product. As a result, the binoculars have FL lenses fitted within the lens structure that promise detailed sharpness and high contrast, and a LotuTec as well as T* coating. The Victory Pocket is available in the same dimensions with eight-fold and ten-fold magnification.

ZEISS Victory Pocket binoculars
The ZEISS Victory Pocket binoculars fits in every pocket.

The small binoculars have an innovative design with an asymmetrical bridge. When folded, the binoculars have an even smaller size so that they can comfortably fit into your pocket. The sturdy housing is made of light magnesium and is comfortable to hold. The compact binoculars have a total weight of 290 grams – an ideal lightweight, even on longer trips.

The focusing dial is very easy to reach and the focus can be set without difficulties. The ZEISS Victory Pocket is robust and reliable. It has been tested in temperatures ranging from –25 to +60 degrees. The high quality of ZEISS can therefore be felt even in the smallest of binoculars.

Both models of the ZEISS Victory Pocket Binoculars are supplied in a modern Cordura pouch.

Technical data and prices of the ZEISS Victory Pocket binoculars

Field of vision at 1,000 m:
130 m105 m
Subjective visual angle:60°60°
Closest focusing distance:1,9 m1,9 m
Height:112 mm112 mm
Width:100 mm100 mm
Weight:290 g290 g
Price (price incl. VAT):€715
ZEISS Victory Pocket ZEISS binoculars
The small ZEISS Victory Pocket binocular is supplied with a Cordura pouch.

More information about ZEISS binoculars can be found directly on the website of Carl Zeiss Sports Optics GmbH.

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