ZEISS new optic products for 2018: riflescopes, binoculars and spotting scopes

The optics manufacturer ZEISS presented its new products for hunters, sport shooters, nature observers and outdoor fans at the SHOT Show 2018. Here you will find an overview of the latest products with the most important features, technical data and prices.

The Victory RF rangefinder, the Victory Harpia spotting scope and the Conquest V4  riflescope line are some interesting new products from ZEISS that are already reaching the shelves. Here are some of the most interesting features.

ZEISS Victory RF rangefinder

ZEISS Victory RF binocular
The new ZEISS Victory RF binoculars with integrated rangefinder.

Especially designed for hunters, the Victory RF is a binocular/laser rangefinder with an integrated real-time ballistics computer called BIS II and Bluetooth connectivity.

As explained by Matthias Raff, Product Manager at ZEISS, “The laser rangefinder delivers all relevant data within a second. With a measuring distance up to 2300 metres, the innovative BIS calculate the correct holdover by using environmental sensors for angle, temperature and air-pressure”.

The Bluetooth function also allows to import personal ballistic data from the ZEISS Hunting App to the Victory RF. Ergonomics are another strength thanks to the double-link-bridge, the large focusing wheel with “comfortfocus-concept”. Protected by a robust magnesium housing with nitrogen filling, the usual high-quality ZEISS optics ensure sharp images even in twilight conditions. 

ZEISS Victory RF rangefinder
Ergonomic design: all the controls of the Victory RF are easy to reach.

Two models are available - the Victory RF 8x42 and 10x42 primarily made for daylight applications and  the Victory RF 8x54 and 10x54 suitable for twilight situations. All the Victory RFs are waterproof.

ZEISS Victory RF: technical data 

ZEISS Victory RF 8x42 and 10x42

Lens diameter (mm):42 mm42 mm
Exit pupil diameter (mm):5,3 mm4,2 mm
Twilight factor:18,320,5
Field of view (1000m/1000yds):135 m115 m
Close-up setting limit (m/ft):2.5/8.2  2.5/8.2  
Length:166 mm166 mm
Weight (g/oz): 895/31.6  915/32.3  
Measuring range: 10 - 2300 m10 - 2300 m
Measuring precision (m): 1 m up to 600 m
+- 0.5% over 600 m
1 m up to 600 m
+- 0.5% over 600 m
Measuring time (sec.): < 0.3 sec.< 0.3 sec.
Battery:1 x 3V Typ CR21 x 3V Typ CR2
Battery life at +20°C: > 2500x> 2500x
Price (MSRP):2.995,00 €3.095,00 €

ZEISS Victory 8x54 and 10x54

Lens diameter (mm):54 mm54 mm
Exit pupil diameter (mm):6.8 mm5.4 mm
Twilight factor:20,823,2
Field of view (1000m/1000yds):120 m110 m
Close-up setting limit (m/ft):3.5/11.5  3.5/11.5  
Length:195 mm195 mm
Weight (g/oz): 1095/38.6  1115/39.3
Measuring range: 10 - 2300 m10 - 2300 m
Measuring precision (m): 1 m up to 600 m
+- 0.5% over 600 m
1 m up to 600 m
+- 0.5% over 600 m
Measuring time (sec.):< 0.3 sec.
< 0.3 sec.
Battery:1 x 3V Typ CR2
1 x 3V Typ CR2
Battery life at +20°C: > 2500x
> 2500x
Price (MSRP):3.295,00 €3.395,00 €

Video about the new ZEISS Victory Rangefinder system from the Victory RF binocular:

ZEISS Harpia spotting scope

ZEISS Victory Harpia spotting scope at the fair
The new ZEISS Harpia spotting scope is on the market since last January.

Nature lovers will find a useful instrument in the ZEISS Harpia spotting scopes. Available in two models, the ZEISS Harpia 22-65x85 and the ZEISS Harpia 23-70x95, they are the first spotting scopes in this product category with a 3x wide-angle zoom

This makes them perfect for identifying birds for detailed observations over a large stretch of terrain. The large wide-angle zoom range – 22x to 65x magnification on the 85 model, and 23x to 70x magnification on the 95 model – also ensures a clear image with excellent color fidelity. 

Thanks to a specially crafted eyepiece and the zoom changer behind the focus wheel, optimum comfort over long viewing periods and reliability are ensured. Add to this a fast focusing with dual-speed mechanism that facilitates quick focusing even at high magnification and you'll have a very versatile, easy-to-use spotting scope. 

ZEISS Victory Harpia 85 and 95: technical data

Model:Victory Harpia 85Victory Harpia 95
Focal length (mm):162 - 486 mm174 - 523 mm
Focal length:7,48 mm7,48 mm
Lens diameter (mm): 85 mm95 mm
Zoom factor:3-fach3-fach
Minimum object distance:3.5 m4.5 m
Exit pupil diameter:2.50 - 1.31 mm2.50 - 1.34 mm
Eyepiece diameter:53 mm53 mm
Height:121 mm124 mm
Width:103 mm109 mm
Lenght:384 mm408 mm
Weight:2154 g2298 g
Price (MSRP):
2.900,00 €
595,00 €
3.400,00 €
595,00 €
ZEISS Victory Harpia 95 spotting scopes
The ZEISS Victory Harpia 95 spotting scope with 23-70x eyepiece.

ZEISS Conquest V4 series riflescopes

ZEISS Conquest V4 riflescope
The new riflescope series from ZEISS: Conquest V4.

Last but not least, the new ZEISS Conquest V4 series riflescopes. We already talked about them here: ZEISS Conquest V4but let's summarise the highlights. 

The ZEISS Conquest V4 series riflescopes are based on a 4x zoom ratio with a good balance between the proverbial ZEISS quality and the price

They are designed for hunters and shooters long-range shooters as well. The Conquest V4 1-4x24 and 3-12x56 models are primarily designed for hunting while the Conquest V4 4-16x44 and 6-24x50 are ideal for precision shooting and mid- to long-range hunting purposes.

For more information please visit ZEISS website

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