Review: ZEISS Conquest DL 2-8x42 Riflescope

The ZEISS rifle scopes in the Conquest DL series are described as price/performance-optimized optics. All of them have a few common features: They are designed for a specific purpose, offer almost the same quality as the high-end devices, but are slightly pared down in terms of performance. 

The illumination unit on the ZEISS Conquest DL 2-8x42
ZEISS Conquest DL: The illuminated reticle can be finely adjusted using the two touch buttons on the eyepiece.
Detailed view of the ZEISS Conquest DL 2-8x42’s reticle adjustment
The reticle adjustment dial on the ZEISS Conquest DL is clearly labeled. The scales are auto-zeroed simply by pulling out the ballistic turret.

The riflescope submitted for review “only” has 4x zoom ratio instead of today’s standard 8x. The scope’s engineering was also significantly simpler than one would encounter in a premium riflescope. Slight color fringing, a not entirely flat image and a distinct lack of edge sharpness – unusual for ZEISS products – were additional signs that the company had accepted deliberate compromises in terms of performance. It’s a fine line – but the drawbacks are never so risky that they would limit the model’s intended use. Another factor that reduces the cost is the limited number of available versions. 

The Wetzlar-based optometrists have made just one version of the Zeiss Conquest with illumination and another without – and that was it. This is a good way to save plenty of money in logistics and warehousing, and it will ultimately benefit the customers as well. Aside from the items mentioned earlier, the image quality is very good (-4 points in total). A very slight yellow tinge (-1 P) and somewhat reduced resolution in the black areas (-1 P) can be considered normal. At 92.0% during the day and 90.4% at night, the transmission values are a truly outstanding result. The width of the field of view (16.34m up to 2x magnification) is not fantastic, but good (-2P). The 60 reticle with illuminated dot is a modification of the well-known 4A. Positioned precisely in the center of the crosshairs, the illuminated dot possesses a sensitive dimming feature to enable adequate adjustment during daylight and in the gathering dark. 

Illuminated dot in the ZEISS Conquest DL 2-8x42 rifle scope
A special feature of this model: it has a fiber optic-illuminated metal reticle.
Reticle on the ZEISS Conquest DL 2-8x42
ZEISS Conquest DL has a 60 reticle – a variation of the 4A reticle with a small illuminated dot.

A small amount of dirt became detached and entered the optics of this riflescope during the shock and shooting capability test (-1 P), although this did not displace the point of impact. The mechanical systems are consistently and suitably smooth. The manufacturer also adhered to the dimensions, as confirmed by the VISIER review. The controls are designed and arranged sensibly. The battery for the illuminated reticle can be replaced without tools or other aids. The workmanship is good. It’s hard to believe that a riflescope like the Zeiss model Conquest DL 2-8 x 42 can even be manufactured in Germany at a retail price just under 1,200 euros. Last but not least, it is important to mention the riflescope’s easily understandable, extensive, and perfectly illustrated operating instructions. Unfortunately, the target coverage can only be found on the Internet (-1 P). Optimized for price/performance ratio, this riflescope records a shooting result of 90 points, placing it firmly among those that truly deserve an “Excellent” rating.

Technical data for the Zeiss Conquest DL 2-8x42:target/actual*
EUR 1195.00
Magnification (x)2-8 / 2.14-8.01
Exit pupil diameter:
90 mm / -
Field of view at 100m:
15.9 to 4,8 / 16.34 to 4.82
Diopter adjustment range (dpt):-3 to 2 / -2.7 to 2.4
Diopter consistency (dpt):
- / 0
Resolution (seconds of arc):
- / 5,9
Transmission (T-day):- / 92,0
Transmission (T-night):- / 90,4
Transmission (T-max):- / 93,1
2nd focal plane, illuminated dot
Adjustment per click, (cm at 100m):
1 / 1
Adjustment range (cm at 100m):
Windage: 160 / 168
Elevation: 170 / 168
Water resistance (immersion depth in m):
4 / 4
Center tube diameter:
30 mm / 30 mm
302 mm / 302 mm
520 g / 512 g

Comments: * target = manufacturer’s information / actual = test result

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