Yukon Jaeger hunting riflescopes

riflescope and carbine
The most powerful riflescope in the Jaeger line is the 3-12x56mm, which we will test individually in the near future

We already wrote about the Jaeger hunting riflescope range from the lithuanian day and night optoelectronic and conventional optics manufacturer Yukon Advanced Optics

Considering the very interesting features and technical specs of these products, primarily conceived for hunting but that can also be used for sport, informal range shooting, plinking and - at least in one case, with the Jaeger 1-4x24 -  for professional ad LE use, we obtained a number of samples to test.

The Jaeger line of variable magnification riflescopes presently includes four different models: the 1-4x24, the 1,5-6x42, the 3-9x40 and the 3-12x56.

reticle riflescope
The four available reticle patterns, depending on the model, in the Jaeger line: the T-01i, the X-01i, the X-02i and a mildot pattern, the M-01i

Each riflescope is available with a choice of illuminated reticles, two or four depending on the model. We received three models of the Jaeger riflescope line for testing and evaluation: the Jaeger 1-4x24 with the T01i reticle, the 1.5-6x42 with the X01i reticle and the 3-9x40 with the M01i Mildot reticle.

A fourth riflescope is included in the Jaeger line, the 3-12x56mm, which we will test individually in the near future.

The Yukon group owns many optics and accessories brands, that include day and night optics, night vision (intensifeir and Digital based) and also Thermal imaging optics and riflescopes; among these brands, we have recently tested the Pulsar Quantum HD38S. But let's see the common features of all riflescopes comprised in the Jaeger line. 

hunting scope
Yukon's Jaeger line is entirely built in Belarus and not some Asian country

Jaeger riflescopes are Made in Europe

First of all, we'd like to stress the fact that these optics are entirely built in Europe, in Belarus to be precise, and not some oriental country.

The main tube is monolithic, CNC machined from solid Aluminum alloy billet that is hard anodized finished, and has a 30mm diameter. The tube walls are thicker and more robust to be able to withstand heavy caliber weapons. Yukon certifies each scope for weapons able to deliver downrange up to 7000 joules of energy .

The Jaeger's maintube is Nitrogen filled and every optical lens element is multicoated. 

The eyepiece's bell size is larger than expected, justified since it must be able to accomodate the impressive optics delivering low distortion, wide angle field of view and extended eye relief (90mm), plus allowing a large diameter zoom ring to effortlessly dial the magnification in every condition.

riflescope with rifle
Almost all Jaeger riflescopes are extremely compact compared to their magnification range

The eyepiece sports a fast focus diopter ring, accomodating from + to – 2,5 diopters. The optical design is the same on all Jaeger riflescopes; the zoom ratio instead is not, being 4x for the 1-4x24, 1.5-6x42 and 3-12x56, while the 3-9x40 model obviously features a conservative 3x zoom ratio.

The reticle is placed on the second focal plane and is available in a choice of patterns, but all have in common the illuminated center point. The battery used by these instruments is unusual: a CR2354 Lithium coin cell, instead of the popular CR2032. However, this coin cell is not at all difficult to find, on Amazon for example.

riflescope turret
The left side turret houses the reticle brightness knob and the CR2354 Lithium battery
turrets riflescopes
The elevation and windage turrets are zero resettable. Except for the 1-4x24 model (featuring ½ MOA clicks), the click value of all Jaeger scopes is ¼ MOA

Parallax is fixed in all Jaeger models, factory set at 100m, while the left side turret houses the above mentioned reticle battery and the reticle brightness knob. This knob features an "off' position between every intensity level and also includes a specific NV setting for use with Night Vision devices.

The elevation and windage turrets are protected with threaded aluminum alloy caps, and to guarantee the certified IPX7 water resistance, must be properly screwed on and hand tightened. We did not like the ultrafine threading on the turret base and protection cap interface, as it is very easy to cross-thread and therefore damage the scope.

For all models, click value is ¼ MOA (7,25mm /100m), except for the 1-4x24 model (featuring ½ MOA clicks - 14,5mm/100m). The turrest are easily zero resettable, simply by pulling up the turret drum to reset to zero once the weapon is zeroed at the range, and pushing it back in to lock.

 Jaeger 1-4x24 with T01i reticle

hunting riflescope
The Jaeger 1-4x24 is really compact and is suitable for drive hunts, range and sports competition use
riflescope eyepiece
The large eyepiece allows the Jaeger 1-4x24 set at 1x as a "red-dot" scope, aiming with both eyes open

We mounted this riflescope on a couple of semiautomatic rifles, namely an M4 sporting rifle in .223 and an Argo E hunting rifle in .308 Winchester from Benelli, the latter a very appropriate choice for driven hunts. We have been very favourably impressed by the Jaeger 1-4x24 optical performance, especially set at no magnification (1x), a setting that allows the use of this scope as if it was a "red-dot", so the shooter or hunter can aim using both eyes open.

reticle brightness
The reticle brightness knob has an "off' position between every intensity level, and also features a specific Night Vision setting for use with NVD devices

At a range greater than 8 meters, the parallax error does not influence the point of impact vs the point of aim correlation, while at shorter distances a very obvious geometric aberration can be perceived (and POI shift will be experienced). 

In any case, maintaining a correct head and eye alignment, position and cheek weld you will be surprised of the optical quality, the wide field of view and by the complete absence of the annoying "tunnel effect", especially considering the price point at which these optics start at. Another welcome feature is the great adjustment range offered by the elevation turret, 6.5 meters of vertical adjustment at 100 meters! 

Conceived for driven hunts, this riflescope can be also used for sports (IPSC matches, for example) and even professional and LE use.

 Jaeger 1.5-6x42 with X01i reticle.

yukon 1.5.6x42 riflescope
Bright and high performance, the Jaeger 1.5-6x42 is an interesting product for driven hunts and game shots up to 200m
hunting riflescope
The Jaeger 1.5-6x42 is also based on a very compact 4x zoom ratio optical design

This is a very specific hunter riflescope featuring a range of magnification which makes it ideal for driven hunts and the medium short range hunts in the woods, with occasional game shots in the clear up to 200m, and especially suitable against moving targets. A very compact rifescope, we tested the Jaeger 1.5-6x42 on the Benelli Argo E test gun in .308 Winchester on which we appreciated its brightness and flexibility in magnification range.

Jaeger 3-9x40 with M01i Mildot reticle.

Jaeger 3-9x40 riflescope
The Jaeger 3-9x40 riflescope can also be used for informal sports range use and plinking, in addition to hunting
Yukon Jaeger hunting riflescope
The 3-9x40 is based on a more conservative and classic 3x zoom ratio, instead of the 4x zoom used on all other Jaeger models

A classic, defined by the manufacturer as the "all rounder" riflescope in the Jaeger line of hunting optics, even though it features a limited range of magnification compared to today's standards, and a bit less compact and bright when we consider the other two Yukon riflescopes we tested. However, the optical quality is very high, and it's a pleasure to use. It's suitable to the majority of hunting types, and is also a very good choice for informal and plinking shooting at the range up to 300m, affordable, sturdy and reliable. The quality to price ratio is absolutely excellent, with great definition and clarity, with robust build and good adjustment range on the elevation turret, 2,78m at 100m.

This scope featured the M01i, yet another MilDot variant, that can be used to estimate distances when the magnification is set at 9x, since the reticle is placed on the second focal plane.

riflescope and carbine
The Jaeger 3-9x40mm riflescope mounted on a CZ 550 Bolt Action hunting rifle chambered in .308 Winchester

In the end, we were very favourably impressed by the three Yukon Jaeger riflescopes tested, especially by the 1-4x24 with T01i reticle and the 1.5-6x42 with X01i reticle. 

The price-performance-quality ratio is surprisingly good, almost outstanding, considering that the manufacturer's suggested retail prices on the tested optics ranges between 450 and 485 euro.

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For more information visit the Yukon Advanced Optics

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€450 - 485
ManufacturerYukon Advanced Optics (www.yukonopticsglobal.com)
ModelsJaeger 1-4x24, 1.5-6x42, 3-9x40
TypeDay time riflescope 
Magnificationvariable 1-4x, 1.5-6x, 3-9x
Objective diameter 24mm, 42mm, 40mm
Eye relief90mm
Diopter adjustment± 2 diopters, fast focus ring
ReticleSecond focal plane placed illuminated reticle. The following patterns are available, depending on the model: T01i, X01i, M01 e X02i
TurretsZero resettable drums, click value for all models ¼ MOA except for the 1-4x, ½ MOA
Tube diameter30mm
Total length237mm, 295mm, 318mm
Weight470 g, 590 g, 620 g 
Materials/FinishAluminum alloy monolitihic tube with hard anodized matte black finish, low dispersion optical lens elements
NotesIPX7 Waterproofing certification, nitrogen purged, powered with a single 3V CR2354 coin cell battery
Prices450 € - Jager 1x4x24, sku: 23025
485 € - Jager 1.5-6x42, sku: 23026
475 € - Jager  3-9x40, sku: 23027
(MRSP prices)