Pulsar Digex C50 new color Night Vision digital riflescope, an optronic core in a traditional day-time optic appearance

Pulsar introduces its newest version of the Digex digital hunting riflescope: the C50. 

The new Pulsar Digex C50 digital night vision riflescope
The new Pulsar Digex C50 digital night vision riflescope features increased performance and color capabilities inside a stylish, elegant and classical traditional day-time optics appearance.

Following in the steps of the established and acclaimed previous Digex models, the C50 integrates digital night vision optronic core in a what appears to be a day-time traditional hunting riflescope and structure, with a standard 30mm mounting tube interface. 

It will elegantly complement the lines and aesthetics of the hunter’s rifle with its classic shape of a daytime optical sight.

The main feature of the new Digex C50 is the capability to reveal the natural colors of the observed scene when the light levels of deep twilight fall below the threshold of the human eye to discern color itself. 

the Pulsar Digex C50
Perhaps the most interesting feature of the Pulsar Digex C50, the Color Twilight mode displays a full-color image, extending the daytime hunting experience well into deep twilight and into the night.

The Digex C50 Color Twilight mode displays a full-color image, extending the daytime hunting experience into the night. The Digex C50 is made to be used around the clock, for a 24/7 hunting experience: thanks to different lens and sensor operating modes, during the day the C50 displays natural Full-HD resolution color images. 

After sunset, switch the scope lens to a higher light transmission mode and continue to observe in color even in deep twilight. 

When night falls, simply press the button and switch to night mode – the sensitivity of the Digex C50 increases, and the image becomes monochrome.

Availability of new Digex-XS series infrared illuminators increase performance of the Digex C50, allowing full use of the riflescope in moonless night hunting. When paired with the illuminator, the Digex C50 enables the hunter to better see far-away objects and observe animals without risk of being noticed and scaring the animal off. It’s a perfect tool for detecting game such as wild boar, deer and elk at distances ranging up to 500 meters.

The Pulsar Digex C50 new color Night Vision digital riflescope 
The user interface is easy to use thanks to strategically placed controls.

The Pulsar Digex C50 is available in three versions: the base riflescope, without IR illuminator; the C50 with Pulsar Digex-X940S IR illuminator, and the C50 with Pulsar Digex-X850S IR illuminator. The difference between the two Digex XS series IR illuminators is that the Digex-X850S features an optical power of 800 mW and radiation wavelength of 850 nm, while the Digex-X940S has a power of 700 mW and an invisible wavelength of 940 nm. 

The new Digex C50 will be available for purchase from November 2021; prices of all three versions are TBA. Stay tuned for a full featured test and review with video of the Pulsar Digex C50 here on all4shooters.com!

Pulsar Digex C50 features

  • Supersensitive Full-HD sensor 1928x1088 pixels
  • Contrast frost-resistant HD AMOLED display 1024x768: operating temperatures from -25 to +50°C
  • Metal frame, fully waterproof IPX7 and highly shock-resistant, can be used with rifled hunting guns of calibers up to: .375H&H, 12 gauge and 9.3x64
  • Variable magnification 3.5x to 14x
  • High-precision aiming with “Picture-in-picture” mode
  • 5 individual shooting profiles / 50 zeroing distances
  • Photo and video recording
  • Built-in WiFi module compatible with Android or iOS devices using Stream Vision 2 app
  • Remote control of the device, wireless firmware and software updates, ballistic calculator, etc.
  • Includes two rechargeable batteries: one built-in with a capacity of 4.9 Ah, the other replaceable with a capacity of 2 Ah. Up to 10 hours of battery life on a single charge
  • Optional Remote control Pulsar BT

+++ Legal aspect +++
Please take care to check your local laws in respect to the use of nighvision devices. This new technology is not allowed in all EU countries.

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