New from Swarovski Optik in 2017

So it was hardly surprising that Swarovski’s booth at SHOT Show was thronged. Americans are equally appreciative of the high standards Swarovski places in its product family. 

Swarovski riflescope series Z8i
Premium riflescopes from Swarovski at SHOT Show 2017.

Swarovski rifle scopes were at the heart of the Austrian manufacturer’s presentation at SHOT Show 2017. Premiered to a US audience at the expo, the new Z8i with illumination certainly drew the crowds. The high-end model is already available in Europe. Of course, a first review of the Swarovski Z8i has already been published at

The X5 and X5i, the Z6 and Z6i, the Z5 and the Z3 were presented to the US market as well, all of them pushing the boundaries of what first-rate optics can achieve.

Binoculars from Swarovski Optik at SHOT Show 2017

The wide range of binoculars that Swarovski brought to the expo extended from the small CL Pocket for US$910 (8x25) and the SLC series for US$2,554 (15×56), to the premium EL range series, which even comes fitted with a rangefinder. But buyers in the US will have to put between US$3,610 (8×42) and US$3,666 (10×42) on the table to garner one of them, depending on the model.

Click here for the latest review on Swarovski’s premium model binoculars, the EL Range.

Swarovski EL Range binoculars
We have tested the Swarovski EL Range binoculars.

Swarovski also provides a broad selection of accessories and cases for anyone looking to jazz up their binoculars, as much as that is even possible with top products like these. The accessories are available for all binocular models. But we did not discover any real premieres at the Swarovski booth at SHOT Show 2017. Let’s wait and see what awaits us at the IWA.

Digiscoping from Swarovski Optik at SHOT Show 2017

The broad variety of Swarovski products in the area of digiscoping is a clear indicator that it has become more than just a short-lived trend. The ATX/STX or ATS/STS are just a few of the examples for spotting scopes that can be built into an entire system. Tripods, photo equipment, lenses, adapters and much, much more have transformed digiscoping into almost a separate product family at Swarovski Optik. More traditionally minded buyers will be pleased to encounter scopes for long-range shooting such as the STR, which is fitted with a reticle and other features. These products will cost between US$3,221 and US$3,810 on the US market, depending on the model.

One visitor put it in a nutshell: Swarovski – next level European engineering. We agree wholeheartedly. Even the prestigious US manufacturers like Leupold or Bushnell better get ready.

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