Swarovski Hunting Summit Croatia: review of products for 2018

Twenty-one participants from a variety of countries were given the opportunity to test Swarovski Optik’s newest products in the field. The hunters invited at the casual gathering had plenty of opportunities to file live reports on their blogs and websites. Industry partners attending the event were SAUER, SITKA and RWS Munition, who of course used this fantastic opportunity to showcase their own products. 

Challenge targets at the Swarovski Hunting Summit 2018.
Targets with a range of scores for the 1,000 m Challenge at the Swarovski Hunting Summit 2018. Whoever bags the most points wins the Challenge.

The 1,000 m Challenge was the highlight at the Swarovski Hunting Summit.

The contestants edging their way gradually toward the 1,000 m challenge included Aske Rit Torbensen (@the_hunting_photographer), Jannick Böhnke (@freunde_der_jagd) and other well-known hunters with avid social media followings. They got things going by firing at selected targets over a distance of 100 m. The range was then gradually extended to the full 1,000 m.

The participants receive their instructions and basic information.
The participants in the Swarovski Hunting Summit 2018 received instructions and basic information after their arrival at the Grobnik Shooting Range.

None of them missed out on this unique opportunity to put their own skills to the test – and the provided gear through its paces – at a range of 1,000 m. They were given free rein to try out and combine the products by all of the participating manufacturers.

And they couldn’t have been more delighted. Fantastic organization, glorious weather, high-class outdoor accommodation and competent representatives from all the manufacturers kept the mood buoyant.

Aside from the marksmanship practice and product information, participants had the opportunity to meet and greet, expand their networks and keep up-to-date with useful information at a variety of workshops. Here’s a brief introduction to the most important new products by the participating manufacturers:

Optics for 2018 at the Swarovski Hunting Summit

Swarovski presented a raft of products and made sure that participants at the event in Croatia had plenty of time to give them a thorough once-over. Afterwards, the rifle scopes, binoculars and telescopes were put to the test at the Grobnik Shooting Range just outside Rijeka.

The EL Range 10x42 binoculars by Swarovski had already proved their credentials as an outstanding piece of hunting gear in a goose hunt review by all4hunters.com. The integrated rangefinder and ballistics calculation interface allow the hunter to quickly appraise the situation and make suitable adjustments to the riflescope.

What’s more, Swarovski also showcased its current telescope system with a variety of objective lenses and ocular modules. Participants used the 30-70x95 objective lens with up to 70x magnification, combined with the ocular modules ATX, BTX and STX. The ATX and STX modules come with an upwardly curved or straight ocular to suit the hunter’s personal preferences. The BTX ocular module allows spotters to peer through the optical lens with both eyes, combining the benefits of telescopes and binoculars and producing more vivid and lifelike images.

Sighting shots with the SAUER 404 and RWS Speed Tip Pro.
Participants at the Swarovski Hunting Summit 2018 fire a couple of sighting shots to get used to the firearm and ammo.

Swarovski’s  dS 5-25x52 P riflescope topped the bill among the most desirable products. Complete with Bluetooth connectivity for smartphones, it delivers all the relevant data for successful hunting on a high-resolution heads-up display. The information is projected into the field of vision in real time, also showing the correct point of aim. Factors such as range, air pressure, temperature and angle are included automatically, removing the need for manual adjustments. Ballistics data are entered in the dS Configurator app and the calculated curve then transmitted to the riflescope. Hunters can therefore save plenty of time and concentrate on the target.

Swarovski also brought along the X5(i) riflescope, which all4hunters.com has already reviewed. The X5(i) is a premium optic designed for long ranges. It accommodates elevation adjustments of up to 240 cm, despite its slender body. Only a smattering of competitors can match it for resolution, contrast and brilliance.

RWS ammunition: the Speed Tip Pro bullet for long range shooting

The SAUER 404 manual repeating rifle and RWS Speed Tip Pro ammunition.
The Sauer 404 bolt-action rifle and the RWS Speed Tip Pro ammunition, ready for the 1,000 m Challenge.

RWS presented the Speed Tip Professional bullet. It catches the eye with an aerodynamic form and innovative tip. Together they enable an extremely flat trajectory and high projectile velocity – also at long range. The new RWS Speed Tip Professional bullet is available in the calibers .300 Win. Mag., .30-06 and .308 Win. .338 Lapua Mag. and 10.3x68 Mag. The soft front core ensures maximum penetration and high stopping power. A good choice for the long ranges at this event.

The Sauer 404 Classic bolt-action rifle

Challenge participants at the Swarovski Hunting Summit 2018.
Ready to go on the Sauer 404 bolt-action rifle: the X5(i) rifle scope and the RWS Speed Tip Pro ammunition. The ideal gear for participants in the Challenge.

Sauer presented its Sauer 404 CLASSIC bolt-action rifle in the calibers .308 Win. and .300 Win. Mag.

Launched in 2016, this manual repeating rifle is the entry-level version for the premium class of hunting rifles and is on sale for around 3,700 euro. The classic mix of wood and metal lends the model its traditional look. The S 404 Classic catches the eye with its patented safety concept, which is built around a newly developed manual cocking mechanism. Positioned relative to the bolt sleeve for maximum comfort, the metal slide ensures perfectly easy and silent cocking of the firearm. In addition to the manual cocking mechanism, the internal workings of the Sauer 404 include an automatic firing pin safety to prevent the rifle from discharging before it is fully locked.

Hunting apparel by Sitka – “gear,” not clothing

Wind machine and participants wearing hunting apparel by SITKA
Hunters wearing Sitka apparel can brave any conditions. To put this to the test, a wind machine was set up at the Swarovski Hunting Summit 2018.

The Sitka brand has been on the market since 2005. The vendor is determined to create the “best high-performance hunting gear” available on the market. So to prove it in the field, Sitka Gear brought along a very special kind of test facility. Participants at the event were invited to experience for themselves the apparel’s wind- and waterproof qualities. Most of the models are equipped with Gore-Tex or Windstopper technology. Sitka set up a big wind machine with rain and drizzle simulators in order to drive the benefits home. And after the field test, the hunters and bloggers were left completely convinced of the technical functionality and comfort of the hunting gear by Sitka.

Here are a few more impressions from the Swarovski Hunting Summit 2018:

Ballistics workshop with RWS at the Swarovski Hunting Summit 2018.
The ballistics workshop with RWS at the Swarovski Hunting Summit 2018 gave participants some valuable information about the company’s Speed Tip Pro bullet and its particular ballistic behavior.

You will find all the product reviews with the details specs you know and love at all4shooters.com / all4hunters.com. Simply click on the colored links below this article.

A special blogger event was already held during the IWA 2018: This year, RWS invited experienced hunters, bloggers and influencers to the RWS Hub 2018, where they were given the chance to preview a number of products in the run-up to the IWA 2018. These popular events are a welcome and quick opportunity to share authentic practical information with a large international community on the web.

For further information about the products by Swarovski Optik, visit the manufacturer’s website

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